Who doesn't dream of homemade coffee like the best café? Most of us cannot imagine a morning without a cup of coffee, so the range of coffee machines on the market is getting richer and richer. Which coffee machine should I choose? Overflow, pressure, or capsule? Let's see what the difference is.

Overflow express

The difference in price between pressure and overflow coffee machines is very large. Pressure coffee machines are much more expensive than overflow coffee machines, which results from a completely different design and method of brewing coffee. There is a special container in the overflow machine in which water is boiled, and then through a paper or solid filter coffee is poured in boiling water. This is the right device for those who love Turkish coffee. The advantage of this type of coffee machine is also the possibility of preparing a large amount of coffee in one go, as the water containers can hold from 0.3 to 2 litres of water. Coffee keeps the heat longer, because the coffee machines are equipped with a special cooktop that maintains the temperature. The disadvantage of this type of coffee machine is the long brewing process and the inability to prepare cappuccino and latte coffee.

Pressurised coffee machine

The pressure machine presses water under very high pressure, which means that the contact time between water and coffee is maximally reduced, which means that all irritating substances in the stomach and bitter aroma remain in the grounds. The main task of pressure coffee makers is to prepare an Italian espresso, which is the basis for other coffee drinks such as latte macchiato and cappuccino. The greatest advantage of these devices is their multifunctionality, because thanks to them we are able to foam milk, and with higher models prepare all the drinks with milk content at the touch of a button. The disadvantage of pressure coffee machines is the small amount of coffee we are able to get in one go, as there are no more than two cups. The price of such coffee machines is quite high, as it ranges from 1500 to 5000 PLN, and in the case of built-in coffee machines it can reach as much as 10 000 PLN.

Capsule machine

The latest invention among the coffee machines is the automatic coffee machine for capsules. It is the fastest and easiest way to obtain coffee, because you just need to fill the tank with water, insert a capsule with your favorite kind of coffee, press the button and in a few moments enjoy the taste of your favorite coffee. This kind of coffee machine is really an automatic pressure machine. Automatic coffee machines are relatively cheap, because we can buy them for about 400-500 PLN. However, you should remember that only the capsules of a specific manufacturer are suitable for a given model, so it is worth checking their price, types and quality contained in the coffee. The capsules should contain between 5 and 7 grams of natural coffee imported from the country where the beans were harvested and ground. An important advantage of these machines, apart from their price, is their modern design and the aforementioned ease of use.

Coffee machines are becoming more and more popular. More and more often they can be found in private homes. It is no longer a luxury product, but a kind of standard equipment, so it is worth considering its purchase, because the price difference is very large and certainly everyone will find something for themselves.

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