A small kitchen can look phenomenal if you arrange it using the right colour combinations. Learn how to use colours in small rooms and play with colours.

An optical illusion caused by colour combinations can significantly alter the perception of the interior. By following a few simple rules, you can easily create a space that looks much bigger than it really is. How do you do that?

Bright colours as a base

Bright colours optically enlarge the interior and are particularly recommended in cases where the kitchen does not have a window or its size does not provide enough light for the interior. You can opt for a monochrome decor, but if not skillfully composed, it will be overwhelming. Therefore, it is much better to complement the brighter colours with a contrasting, eye-catching element.

Correcting troublesome proportions

In the case of interiors with difficult proportions, it is worth reaching for a proven painting trick, which consists in painting one of the walls in a different color. If it is clearly darker, it will create the impression that the space is moving away. In case of a clearly lighter wall, it is going to visually approach the person who looks at it. This procedure is worth using in narrow and long shaped kitchens.

Satin-finished paints

The most effective way to optically enlarge the interior is to paint it with a light satin-finished paint. It is complemented by glossy and smooth furniture fronts, it can easily refract the incident light and brighten and thus enlarge the room.

Contrast elements

Lighting - lamps in expressive colours give the interior a character.

Textiles - similarly to the above, they can be used to create the character of a kitchen.

Tiles - floor and wall tiles - should harmonize perfectly with the color of walls and furniture, although this does not mean betting on a perfectly uniform color range.

Window arrangement - resignation from curtains and curtains in favour of e.g. Roman blinds, made of bright materials, will intensify the desired effect.

Tiles for special tasks

A dark matt finish on walls and floors will make the interior look smaller. Therefore, when choosing tiles for the kitchen, it is worth to reach for collections with neutral, bright colors, which will be complemented by impressive decors. An excellent example of such a combination is the collection, which is based on classic tiles in warm tones, which have become more attractive thanks to blue and red ornaments, creating a surprisingly coherent whole.

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