Contemporary times are characterized by their presence in interior design through continuous play with form. The use and mixing of various materials, such as oak for the production of stairs and steel and other metals for the creation of railings, shows that we are moving away from the classic vision of stairs made entirely of wood. It is thanks to them that the space of a modern home can look very modern and, above all, interesting. It is worth to realize what are the hottest trends in interior design.

One of the most important issues is to change the role of stairs in the daily life of the household members. Today, they are no longer just a way to another floor, but have become a part of the house's interior design to the same extent as furniture or lamps. Despite the new function mentioned above, we shouldn't let ourselves get crazy and in no way should we prefer the practical aspect to the aesthetic one. Let us not forget what they are for!


Let's start with the topic of modern stairs. Today we can fully adapt them to the needs and lifestyle of our family. Thanks to their proper location, we are able to create a suitable atmosphere among the household members. The construction of stairs in the center of the living room can bring family members closer together and can closely connect the floors. When they are almost at the very entrance, they will invite us to go upstairs to relax and cut us off from the world. We are now witnessing the growing popularity of spiral stairs, which take up much less space but are a little less comfortable to use than simple, single-circuit spiral stairs.



For practical reasons, the stair railing should be, above all, a safety device so that when moving around on them, we do not become unnecessary harm. When we choose it properly, it will perfectly complement the interior design and will make it look elegant and chic. First of all, we should adapt it to what our home looks like. Light and sophisticated, it will give it a modern look. On the other hand, when it is heavy and massive, it will determine the safety of our home.

Metal is a new way out.

An increasingly popular trend is the use of various metals, such as steel, in railings. It can be modeled in any shape and cut out various shapes or patterns, such as circles, polygons, dots - the only limit is our imagination and artistic spirit. Combining a metal balustrade with wooden steps, we will get an eclectic mix that will fit perfectly into the modern spirit of contemporary architecture.

stairwell railing

We can see for ourselves that in the interior finishing the prevailing trends are still classic wood with the addition of industrial stitching in the form of metal alloys. Everything is supposed to make our house a practical place with a lot of style. Remember, however, that when you decide to buy, you should not be blindly guided by what is currently fashionable and liked by the masses, but by what you like and what will fit into your home.

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