Upholstered furniture enjoyed and still enjoys great interest, and no wonder, because they give the interior a character. Looking for the best upholstery fabrics you need to consider not only their quality but also their colours, because more and more often you choose strong colours that distinguish a given piece of furniture from the rest.

What should determine the choice?

Unfortunately, when buying upholstered chairs, or even when deciding to renew them, hardly anyone actually takes notice of what material they are made of. Paying a per cent for such equipment is better to pay attention to:

- the weight of the material. If the selected material has a high density, the better, because it will be more durable.
- Martindale's scale, which indicates the resistance to abrasion. The more abrasion cycles he has, the better, because such a fabric will be worthy of interest.
- Resistant to various types of stains. Unfortunately, chair upholstery is often damaged by stains. The material should have an additional protective layer
- Resistance to fading. The colours of the upholstery may change over time. This is most often the case with cheap, inferior materials.
- resistance of upholstery to holes and abrasion
- tensile strength

Usually each manufacturer gives such parameters, but when buying ready-made chairs, the seller is not always able to specify them.

Children's account upholstery

As we know, in a house ruled by children, it is difficult to maintain perfect order and especially cleanliness of upholstered furniture. The sofa, chairs in the dining room or kitchen are often stained with food, bear traces of riding toys or are painted with pens. Unfortunately, it is not possible to protect everything so the best way out of the situation is to buy chairs or all the equipment, which was made of materials that are easy to wash, or manual cleaning. Animals can also be problematic, especially cats, which often use upholstered furniture to make a scratching post. In this respect, there is no single golden piece of advice as to what kind of upholstery material will really be durable, because the cat's claws will destroy even the heaviest one. Upholstered furniture will keep its appearance longer if covered with smooth material. You can also try to buy plush chairs, but such material will be difficult to clean from hair.

Leather- timeless material

Yes, this type of material will work well in both classically decorated interiors and modern ones. Chairs with such upholstery will not only be easy to clean, but also durable and resistant to damage. The only obstacle may be the price, because it will not be one of the lowest, but it is worth investing in durability. Artificial leather is cheaper, but it has much worse parameters than natural leather.

What else will work for a bruise?

In fact, the upholstery of the chairs can be made of jacquard, microfiber, velour or plush. The range of materials is very large, but earlier it is worth to check carefully whether the material will actually work.

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