The kitchen unit is a real planning challenge. After all, it is necessary to make this room stylish, aesthetic and functional at the same time. After all, we do a lot of things in the kitchen and we don't want to waste energy on extra activities.

What, next to what and why?

The arrangement of kitchen appliances is subject to a number of unbreakable rules. We do not put a gas stove near the window, because a wind blow can blow away the gas, and then it is not difficult to find an accident. Next to the stove we do not put a sink, water can splash into a pot with boiling food, which is not the worst yet, and a pan with hot fat, which can end up very unpleasantly. We do not put a fridge next to the stove, either. Here the reasons are mainly economic.

Furniture ready or made to measure?

Ready-made furniture sets are certainly cheaper, but rarely actually fit the size of the kitchen interior. In order to manage the whole kitchen space well, use all the nooks and crannies, especially if we have slants under the ceiling, it is better to opt for furniture on a dimensional basis. Here, in turn, the kitchen planner will help you to easily visualize your ideas.

Dream kitchen

We usually know what our kitchen is supposed to look like "more or less". However, when it comes to making the final decisions, it turns out that a lot of things have not been thought through. Are the cabinets to be on the whole length of the wall and the refrigerator on the other side, or is it better to make a shorter top, but the refrigerator set in the same sequence as the cabinets? Table big or small and will it be tight when we give you six chairs? Better light or dark furniture and what are the colours of the walls for this? Imagination often fails and the help of an interior designer is expensive. Impasse? On the Internet you can find an online kitchen planner, thanks to which you can create your own virtual kitchen and see it in 3D.

How to plan on your own?

The free kitchen planner can be easily downloaded and installed on your computer. Some can be used online directly from your web browser. However, most such programmes have certain limitations. Not everyone allows you to freely modify the size and color of individual kitchen elements. But seeing what a yellow sofa will look like at the red cabinets is essential before you can place such an extravagant order. Does this mean that we are doomed to consult an interior decorator? Luckily not. The kitchen planner on the IKEA website can help. Its advantage is that we can only use furniture and accessories from the IKEA store to design our kitchens. This way, once our kitchen is ready, you can print out your shopping list and go to the store with the confidence that you will be able to buy everything in one place. It is a great solution especially for people who decide for a long time and those who do not like to shop. With a ready list of necessary elements, shopping will be a short and quick pleasure.

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