Interior design has a lot in common with fashion, it is a wide field, which is influenced by many factors. From longitude and latitude to cultural conditions and globalization to the individual experience of the designers. Styles mix with each other and inspiration is still growing. Each new journey, and sometimes a phenomenon from the fields of sociology and art, has an impact on the creativity of an architect. It happens that interior designers in their work perform miracles, each time proving that the more difficult to tame space, the greater the challenge and the more spectacular the effect.

Although the dream of almost all of us is to have spacious, bright interiors and a spectacular view from the windows, the real art is to use such procedures to squeeze out as much as possible from a given interior and turn its drawbacks into advantages. The effect that interior designers will achieve is primarily to be tailored to your needs, but completely different will be the approach to designing a residence surrounded by garden, terraced house, or apartment building.
There are many ideas for design and interior design, but there are a few rules that will give each of them harmony, elegance and make it characterized by great functional solutions.
The well-known truth - the less the better - also applies to interior design. While spectacular, eye-catching solutions are good for the season, and then quite quickly become outdated and boring, proven methods for minimalist interiors are still proposed by designers as the most appropriate solutions for taming any space.

What are the characteristics of minimalism?

This is an idea that Antoine de Saint-Exupúpery described as a moment in which nothing can be taken away and nothing can be added. Paradoxically, minimalist interiors do not evoke a sense of emptiness and lack of complement, on the contrary, they are characterized by harmony and the impression of a perfectly worked out concept. Also in Poland it is gaining more and more supporters.

Minimalism uses simple forms, in furniture it focuses primarily on functionality, avoiding excessive ornamentation, choosing simple, classic shapes. Colours play a very important role in it. He uses pure colours, even if he juxtaposes contrasting colours, he avoids pastels. It focuses on bright colours, in minimalist interiors we will meet a lot of white and grey, but also a cutting off black. He gives up trinkets, unnecessary decorations, saturation with various textures, design that distracts the eye. Smooth, uniform surfaces, simplicity, economy of resources are among the most important features of minimalism. Spacious interiors, bright colours, structured furniture compositions, harmony - interior designers know exactly what measures to take to make your home a place where you will regain your balance after a whole day's work. In which you will want to spend time with your loved ones and celebrate every day.

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