The fireplace in the living room is not only a great source of heating. First of all, it is a phenomenal decoration that defines the character of the space. And not just the retro or classic style. Today, apart from standard materials, glass can be used. The effect? Innovative design that delights even the most demanding.

Glass for making fireplaces? On the face of it, this solution has been known for years. After all, the glass front is used very often. But today the possibilities are much greater. So it's worth discovering.

New glass quality

In order to create a front or base of a glass fireplace, you need the right type of fireplace. As the fireplace generates very high temperatures, it is essential that they are characterised by very low thermal expansion. It is also important that it is resistant to damage and not susceptible to tar deposits on the surface.

The best ceramic glass has all these features. In addition, there are countless possibilities when it comes to shapes and bending angles. In a word: for those looking for modern fireplaces, there is a real sea of possibilities.

Amazing aesthetic effect all year round

A glass fireplace will look good whether the fire is burning or not. When you use it, ceramic glass with a technical metal oxide coating will reflect infrared rays and thus increase thermal efficiency, while allowing the glass to self-clean itself - so that it retains its elegant appearance at all times.

What if the fireplace is to be an original decoration all year round? Then you can reach, among other things, for ceramic glass elements covered with additional ornaments - applied by screen printing. This is a great solution if you want to add a "claw" arrangement while playing with details. Secondly, you can choose a mirror-covered glass that leaves the interior of the fireplace invisible and acts like a Venetian mirror and acts as a mask. Such additional mirror glow will optically enlarge the interior and give it an even more fresh, modern character.

Today, a fireplace is much more than just an extra heating system for a retro-style house. If you are looking for a design in addition to a practical function, glass is one of the solutions that can inspire you.

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