The tacky but very popular phrase 'tell me the word and I'll tell you who you are' has been given a new meaning. Interior designers in the corridors joke about - "Show me the wall in your apartment and I'll tell you who you are". - and not a strong color or a wallpaper or anything! Motivational posters, which won the hearts of aesthetic individualists, have become a current trend. What will work in your interior? We hint in the article!

From circus noise to casual elegance

The first posters appeared as a harbinger of a great event. The advertising medium, hung on an information pole, tempted passers-by and called to see him. It was not without reason that he attracted the eye - it was on him that the colourful and famous figures were present, who enjoyed the countless number of fans. In combination with catchy slogans they invited to visual feasts - theatre performances and circus shows.

Currently, posters are one of the most popular forms of art. Over the years, his format, the way he communicates and expresses the surrounding reality has evolved into an inspiration. The modern world likes to be decorated with posters, which they like to welcome in the comfort of their own homes. What's more, they visit the world-famous spaces of the most popular companies. Apart from posters presenting cult scenes from favourite films, there were also motivating slogans proclaimed by successful people.

An original way to create a motivational poster - do it yourself!

Carton is one of the most popular raw materials, which will adorn the raw arrangement in a wonderful way in the industrial style. Remember that the poster is supposed to reflect what your soul plays. So it doesn't have to follow the canon of beauty - go crazy, be original and innovative. The current trend is to have maps of the world cut out of cardboard, which will decorate the interior of a keen traveller. It is a very simple element, but at the same time original and extraordinary. Write on it the places you dream of. Mark the countries you've already been to.

It turns out that visualization plays an important role next to the word. Looking at the world map every day, you can motivate yourself to act - go to work, perform routine duties - to give yourself the greatest gift in a few months - a ticket to your dream place on earth.

A word has the power

The word has all its strength, so it is worth expressing it in a creative and inspiring way. Motivating posters are an interesting arrangement of the interior, because entering the room, we can immediately identify the individual members of the household. Personalization of cosy corners is a desirable trend among individual souls who follow originality and passion. Motivating slogans, quotations from famous personalities can break the ice and, in case of a crisis, call to order and remind us what matters in life.

Currently, manufacturers offer a wide range of motivational posters, matching the style of expression to the finish of the image. Brilliant, noisy slogans will be adorned with strong colours, while inspiring and creative ones will match the subdued and classic arrangements of rooms and minimalism of the householder.

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