A family party requires a stylish setting that allows for a pleasant meal and conversation. After all, the most important discussions take place at the table. Arrange the dining room in such a way that all guests feel comfortable, and the interior is cozy and tastefully decorated.

Creating an ideal dining room should start with choosing the table, because it creates the character of the interior, to which we then add further elements. Depending on your own living concept, you can arrange your dining room similarly to other rooms or introduce a completely new style to make it stand out - the Orland collection might be a good idea to add a classic chic touch to your home.

Dimensions and shape of the table should be chosen according to the room and family size. The ideal solution is a sliding table, which does not take up much space on a daily basis and does not dominate the interior, but if necessary can sit at it a lot of guests. When choosing a table, it is worth paying attention whether the furniture has modern synchronous guides. They allow for smooth unfolding and folding, making it extremely easy to enlarge the tabletop. The tabletop itself should be covered with a special laminate, which increases the resistance and durability of the surface to scratches and any kind of mechanical damage that may occur during any meeting.

The functionality of the dining room is guaranteed by providing access to the table from all sides - it facilitates serving meals and free movement of guests. If you do not have a separate room of this size in your apartment, a good solution is to combine two interiors - a dining room with a living room or kitchen. Open spaces, which combine various functions, fit perfectly into flats with modern design.

A key element are also chairs, necessary in every dining room or dining corner. When choosing a chair, you should pay attention to the height of the seat, which should be properly matched to the dimensions of the table. Comfortable sitting is also guaranteed by the backrest, which is best anatomically shaped. Chairs can only loosely refer to the aesthetics of the rest of the furniture - it is now popular to combine different styles in the interior, which form a surprising whole.

When having a party in the dining room, make sure there is enough light at the table - it should be gentle and warm in colour, as this will encourage a cheerful mood that is so important during the meals together. Accessories such as vases and candlesticks are also responsible for the atmosphere in the dining room, which, if properly selected, will surely be remembered by guests for a long time. Tablecloths and napkins are an obligatory supplement to tablecloths. It should be remembered that classic cutlery looks best in composition with delicate, white colours, and modern tableware is matched by contrasting colours of materials.

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