Although lighting is usually designed to perform several functions, we can decide for ourselves which of the roles will dominate. This is particularly important when purchasing floor lamps. These can be a practical element of the interior design, giving the desired beam of light. Another time, the light will be less important, and the aesthetics and workmanship will be much more important. How to choose according to your needs?

Floor lamps that become practical in the first place

When we arrange an office, dining room or decide on the design of a living room that is a representative presumption, lighting becomes for us a practical element above all. We want the luminaire to be aesthetically pleasing and suitable for the arrangement used, but the way the light is directed and the possibility to adjust its intensity play a priority role.

Floor lamps for practical interiors should therefore provide a lot of light, bright and diffuse. They must also be stable, because we do not want to worry that a large lamp will accidentally be damaged or will wobble with every gentle gust of wind from an open window. After all, it is the comfort of our work and not only, but the "moving" light certainly does not provide it.

Let's also make sure that the practical lighting in the form of a floor lamp is positioned in an appropriate way. The switch should be at hand, so that the lamp can be turned on and off at any time. Adjusting the height or direction of light is also a very practical aspect.

Floor lamps for decorative purposes

When it comes to decoration and matching to the interior design, we will focus our attention on aesthetics. In this case, our floor lamp does not have to give out a lot of light. However, let it offer such power and intensity as to achieve the right indoor climate.

The second decorative aspect will be the design and here you can bet on the designer's suggestions. Homestead owners who like to add some distinctive accessories will benefit from a very fashionable and willingly chosen floor lamp on the so-called triplet. Stable, interestingly presenting and matching the arrangement of both traditional, modern and even minimalist lofts.

In Provencal interior compositions or shabby chic decorations, material shades, floral patterns and warm light directed downwards are ideal for creating a romantic atmosphere. Such a lamp floor can be even specially aged to fit into the carefully created arrangement.

Although it is "only" a floor lamp, its mobility combined with interesting designs and the ability to control light gives a lot of room for showing off, even amateurs of unusual interior design.

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