Not every roller blind can be removed from the hooks and washed. Actually, only Roman roller blinds can be treated in this way. All other types must be cleaned on the window. And every kind of roller shutter requires different treatment.


The most dirty thing about roller blinds is dust. It is he who sits on the fabric, penetrates its interior, makes it grey and looks unsightly. Luckily for dust there is a simple solution - a vacuum cleaner. It is best to get a clean and soft vacuum cleaner tip, which you will use only for cleaning your roller blinds. Better set the suction power to minimum or just a little more than minimum. This is enough for dust and the roller blind will remain unchanged.

Dust can also be removed with a damp cloth or sponge, a special broom or a roller with an adhesive layer on its surface.

If we remember to remove the dust from the roller blinds at least once a week (it may be invisible on the dark ones, but this does not mean that it is not there), no other treatments will be needed.

The frequency of cleaning the roller shutters depends, among other things, on the quality of the air outside the window. Where there is smog, roller blinds need more attention.

Roman roller blinds

There's no problem with this kind of roller blinds. Simply dismantle and wash it by hand or in the washing machine, setting a gentle and short program. Manufacturers of Roman roller blinds generally attach washing instructions to them. All you have to do is follow her.

Roller shutters

These roller blinds will not be dismantled, they are permanently attached to the roll on which they roll up. In addition, such roller blinds are made of thick, stiff fabric protected by a special substance. Under no circumstances can they be washed in the same way as Roman blinds. So what do we do? This may be surprising, but small stains and dirt can be easily removed... with the eraser! Yeah, the kind that kids wear to school. If the dirt is bigger, we can use a damp (but not wet, dripping water) cloth or sponge with a very mild detergent. A shampoo or dishwashing liquid will do well. Just in case, a test can be carried out at the top edge of the roller blind, where it is hidden in the cassette.

It is best to clean the blinds on the day when the sun is shining. Then you can see all the unevenness on them. The damp roller blind should be left unrolled to dry.

Roller blinds day - night

Such roller blinds, similarly to Roman roller blinds, are constantly exposed to dust. And actually, he's their biggest enemy. As with any other roller shutter, dust can be removed with a vacuum cleaner set at low power. If a stain appears on the blind, it is best to remove it while it is fresh. The best way to do this is to use a damp sponge. After cleaning, the roller blind can be gently dried with a paper towel.

Roller blinds with guide rails

They are very practical and look impressive on the window, but dust can collect under the guides. You can use a vacuum cleaner with a narrow tip to remove it. There are few stains under the slides, so there is no need for a wet cloth.

How NOT to clean roller blinds

Do not use strong detergents to clean the roller shutters. The fabric cannot be disassembled and washed, or it will start to break and wrinkle. Using too wet sponges and cloths will result in ugly stains and discolorations.

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