A properly selected kitchen worktop is one of the most important elements of such a room. It is worth taking care of it with the utmost attention when furnishing your kitchen, because in this way we will greatly affect both the appearance of such a place, as well as the comfort during everyday use of it.

The kitchen worktops available on the market today are characterized by a great variety of products. Their price can vary considerably from one another - usually calculated per square metre. Such a meter of table top can cost tens as well as thousands of zlotys, so the differences are very serious.

The differences are also in other details, such as the appearance and, above all, the strength of individual worktops. Of course, attention must be paid to all such elements. A worktop can have a huge impact on the overall style of your kitchen, so you need to be sure you choose something that looks really good.

Durability is also extremely important. Kitchen worktop is exposed to quite difficult conditions practically throughout the whole period of its use - constant use of sharp tools, putting heavy objects on it, constant dirt and washing, and many others. If you do not choose something suitable, you may find that your worktop will not withstand all these hardships and after some time you will need to replace it with something new.

We present some of the most popular types of worktops nowadays, which are worth a closer look.

Stone tops

Stone top

In this area, granite worktops reign supreme at present. They are probably the most durable of all available on the market, which makes them, above all, a very practical solution. Even if you use it quite intensively and perform all the harmful activities associated with everyday cooking, such worktops do not show any signs of wear after a long time. At the same time, however, you have to take into account the quite high price. The cost of one square meter of such a table top is at least 600 PLN, although the prices usually reach slightly higher levels.

Other tops made of other types of stone are also available on the market. Marble countertops are a good example. Marble has a great appearance, but it is important to remember that it is much less practical. It is much more sensitive to various damage and dirt, which is then very difficult to remove.

Modern solution - composite worktops

Composites are among the most modern materials available on the market today. They are usually produced by mixing particles of selected minerals with pigments and synthetic resins. The effect is very good, because you get both high durability and a great look. In shops you can find many composites, which are used to make countertops. The most popular are corian, kerrock, marlan and top stone, but the choice is really wide. These materials have virtually the same advantages. Great durability makes them serve without any problems for a long time, even when used intensively, and keeping them clean is very simple.

In addition, they can be modeled in many different ways and their shape can be adapted to the conditions of the kitchen and the individual requirements of the user. The only drawback is their price, because the square meter of such a table top is at least 1500 PLN. However, if someone is looking for a solution that combines both practical advantages and good looks, they are definitely a proposal for him.

Something original - glass tops

Wooden worktop


At first glance it seems that glass is not the best material for a kitchen worktop - it simply would not be able to cope with all the difficult conditions in the kitchen. In the case of worktops, however, special tempered glass is used, which has a much higher resistance than standard glass. However, they are not the same in this respect as stone or composite worktops, so some cooking operations can lead to permanent damage to them. At the same time, they have a very interesting appearance, so they can be a good decoration of any kitchen. Prices start at about 750 PLN per square meter.

Metal worktops

A metal worktop is another very interesting and original solution that has much more to offer than we think. The tops themselves are very diverse, because they can be made of completely different types of metal, which have different characteristics. If you care about resistance and durability, you should choose a top made of aluminum, which in this respect will be the best.

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