Roller blinds can become both a functional equipment of any room and a perfect decoration. After all, it is thanks to them that we can protect the house from excess sun in summer, gain a romantic atmosphere at any time of the day, keep warm and even increase the comfort of sleep. If you want to appreciate all the benefits of having roller shutters, you must choose the best model to suit your needs.

Classics always at a price

If we cannot decide which roller blinds will be right for us, we can always bet on the most classic and always matching - window blinds. They are made of material and are mounted to the wall, ceiling or window frame. At the bottom of the roller shutters there is a wooden slat, which can be pulled up or lowered depending on the need.

Advantages of classic window roller shutters

  • low price,
  • a wide range of colours and patterns,
  • Easy and fast assembly,
  • practical application to protect the room from overheating and blistering sunlight,
  • the possibility of blackout at any time.

What kind to choose in the bedroom?

First of all, you need to be aware that a good solution in the bedroom will be roller blinds, which will darken the room as much as possible, and at the same time during the day will allow you to gain the necessary amount of light. Such a result can be achieved mainly when we choose shading fabrics or day-night blinds. In addition, darker colours will be a better solution, but at the same time they must also be matched to the interior. However, these colors will give us more darkness, and thus also a longer night, which will be particularly useful in summer.

How about Roman blinds?

Another solution is to opt for Roman roller blinds, which are an excellent interior decoration. Also in this case we can mount them to the wall, curtain rail or window frame. We can distinguish three main types of Roman roller blinds:

  • with a straight flounce,
  • with a wave wave valance,
  • without a flounce.

The secret of their appearance is to make them from delicate, often translucent materials, which unfortunately let much more light through than traditional roller blinds. Darker and thicker fabrics in this case may be too heavy, which in turn will affect the appearance of the entire interior.

Lifting the roller shutters

This aspect should not be overlooked, as it affects the comfort of using them. Usually we can find roller blinds that are lifted by a string or bead mechanism. Both solutions may prove sufficient and satisfactory for us, but in the case of frequent use, however, the bead mechanisms perform better. Therefore, especially in the kitchen or living room it is worth to choose this model. Cord braces are perfect for lighter roller blinds, e.g. Roman roller blinds.

Pay attention to the dimension

You cannot select the right roller blind without matching it to its size. This matter may seem obvious, but unfortunately we often do not know how to properly measure the window and choose an interior roller blind. If they are attached to a frame, the width of the glass must be measured and 2 cm must be added on each side.

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