Order sewing or choose a ready-made arrangement ? Which way to decide if you dream of an original window styling? What is the advantage (and do they have) of curtains sewn over ready-made curtains?

Ready-made curtains - advantages

Buying a ready-made curtain is the simplest solution, although not so simple at all. Mainly because the selection of ready-made curtains is really big and it can take a lot of time to review all the proposals. To be successful, the styling of the window must correspond to the style of the interior design, and at the same time perform useful functions - protect from the sight of neighbors and cover as much as we want it to cover. A ready-made curtain, although we can immediately see how it will look like, unfortunately it will not always be perfectly matched. Even the purchase of finished curtains for the curtain rail dimension may always require slight improvement or alteration. Surely, however, ready-made curtains are a convenient solution - also for those who want to have their decoration quickly and not to get tired of hanging it.

Sewn curtains - advantages

Custom curtains, sewn by a specialist is the certainty of the uniqueness of the window creation. Sewn curtains are always a separate, new design. Even if it is inspired by the existing styling, the designer can always add something from himself, according to the wishes or requirements of the customer. It is therefore possible to create exactly the curtain we dream of - from a specific material, in a specific color, with a length tailored to our needs. Curtains sewn to order, is quality without compromises. Of course, this quality and uniqueness has its price that is why sewn curtains are often a bit more expensive than ready-made curtains and certainly more expensive than curtains by the meters.

Sewn curtains - for the kitchen, bedroom and living room

The order to sew the curtains allows to achieve one more effect - a perfect adjustment of the window arrangement to the style of the room. It is enough to prepare a few photos of the room and bring them or send them to a person dealing with sewing curtains. Thanks to experience and knowledge, such a person will be able to create a unique styling and design it for a specific room, achieve the effect of a perfect fit of the curtain.

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