Building a house is a big investment, which should be properly and effectively secured. First of all, because the losses incurred at each of its stages can be irreversible. The additional costs incurred at each stage of construction cause that in its final stages, this money may be missing.

It is best to take out appropriate insurance. But this is not the only way to avoid unnecessary expenses while building a house. We are testing a total of 4 practical ways.

Mode 1: A good fence

When securing the construction site, a good fence should be the basic thing. Not only does it hinder access to the construction site, but it also pays more attention to those who try to force it through. It is obvious that this final, nice and decorative fence, which will permanently protect the property, is placed only at the end of the construction.

A temporary fence can be erected already at the start of construction. Of course, it should be equipped with a lockable gate. Thanks to this, all equipment, tools and materials located in the fenced area will be much safer. If someone tries to get through them, they will be immediately visible and there is a greater chance that someone will notice it and inform the appropriate services about this event.

Mode 2: Protection of the construction site

A special security company can also be hired to provide security. As part of the security measures it provides, a security guard is sent to the construction site during the absence of construction workers, to discourage potential thieves from engaging in any activity. This is very important, because often the main motivation for thieves is that the construction site is not guarded in any way.

It is enough to show them that there is someone in the area, someone is looking after them and watching to effectively discourage them from thieving and thus protect the stored things and materials.

Mode 3: Alarm system

At further stages of construction it is also worth to think about installing a special alarm system. The set of detectors will allow you to secure not only the erected building, but also the area in its immediate vicinity. This is a very important element of security because it detects movement and immediately informs the headquarters of the security company, which can take action immediately.

In later stages of construction, when the building is already standing, has a roof and is in a raw, closed state, there are stored devices, equipment or materials that are quite easy to loot for thieves.

Alarm protection is not only about protecting yourself against financial losses, but also against very long delays. In case of theft, the team has to replenish the stolen equipment or buy the lost equipment, which takes a lot of time. This may cause delays at the construction site, which will also slow down other work for which other teams have been hired. The alarm system therefore allows for quite effective protection and protection.

Mode 4: Insurance of a house under construction

If the above forms of protection are used, you can also think of a special insurance policy, which is designed to protect houses under construction.

This means that the investment can be protected from the moment it is delimited until the building is inspected by a building inspector. Insurance can be used when a construction site is destroyed by natural forces, but also when something is stolen.

It is sufficient that the conditions for securing the construction site set by the insurer are met for the payment of the benefit to be possible at all.

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