A ready-made curtain or maybe a curtain in the size you will sew yourself (or have it prepared)? Although finished curtains are considered to be more comfortable, curtains bought in size also have their advantages, Check out what!

Individual window arrangement

A ready-made curtain, even though there are hundreds of designs on the market, always carries the risk that our hated neighbour will have an identical arrangement. Meanwhile, the curtain of the metre sewn by itself (and even by the seamstress according to the design) gives absolute certainty that the decoration of the window is unique, unique and individual.

Possibility to make any curtain project

When you buy curtains by the meter you can sew virtually any curtain. Nothing limits us except our own imagination and, possibly, the properties of the material from which the curtain will be made. The material can also be combined freely and create entire arrangements with matching curtains, drapes or other elements. Decoupage technique is also becoming more and more fashionable. Deciding on metre curtains and their sewing, you can realize any, even the most unconventional idea.

Low price of the curtain

Curtains in the size are cheaper than curtains already sewn and prepared to be worn. Of course, the price of a curtain per meter is not the only cost of window arrangement, plus the price of a hem, wrinkle tape, sewing a tunnel or other work and your own time devoted to the preparation of the curtain (or the cost of sewing work). In most cases this sum will still be lower than the price of the finished curtain.

Pride in the hand-sewn curtains

And finally, something you can't buy at all - a sense of doing something and pride in being able to do it yourself! If you decide to sew the curtain yourself, despite the possible difficulties (which at the beginning happens to everyone), you can count on real satisfaction and certainty that no one else will have such a curtain like yours. Sewing, just like other works and handicrafts, calms and relaxes. That's why it's also a great way to relax.

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