Comfortable armchair or deckchair. Your favourite book in your hand, a cup with aromatic coffee on the table. In other words: a table, a computer on it, next to a refreshing lemonade. Plus a comfortable chair. Or so: a group of friends is sitting on a soft puff, on a table made of a wooden palette of plates with snacks and drinks. Relaxing, working or socializing on the terrace? Why not?

The arrangement of a terrace is influenced by several factors - first of all its size and the functions it should fulfil. We will not have a party in a small space, but during a warm afternoon we will be able to relax there, for example by reading a book. On the other hand, a large terrace asks you to use it much more often than just to dry fresh laundry.

How to arrange a terrace to become a place to relax, a home office or a place for socializing at the same time?

Scandinavian freshness

The Scandinavian style is all about minimalism and functionality. Bright colours - white or grey - will create comfortable conditions for relaxation, and will also add a touch of freshness to a hot day. White rattan or wooden furniture, light blue or blue accessories (bedspreads or blankets, armchair cushions), plants planted in white pots and glass, round lanterns... The Scandinavian design is particularly suitable for small terraces. Spending time in such an environment will be a pure pleasure!

Closer to nature

A terrace dominated by wood will also provide good conditions for relaxation. A wooden floor and natural furniture, plus neutral colours, will make it an ideal place for both relaxation and work. Ceramic pots in pastel colours or decorations in shades of gray will soothe the bruised nerves, and will not distract those who work at home. Lanterns and small lanterns will be interesting finishing elements, illuminating warm summer evenings.

Terrace garden

The lovers of herbs and plants will surely like the austere arrangement, emphasizing the freshness of greenery. Concrete flooring, bright facade (in bronze or beige), metal pots in a vertical flowerbed, next to openwork metal furniture. The decoration will be complemented by rustic light bulbs and a fancy watering can, necessary to maintain a herbal garden.

Fantastic energy

A minimalist terrace does not necessarily have to be Scandinavian. Using subdued shades of beige and grey as well as rattan furniture in the decoration and furnishings, the decorations and vegetation can contrast with them. Deep fuchsia or juicy lime will light up and refresh any terrace, delighting not only its owners but also their guests!

Modern elegance

The large terrace can be dominated by elegance, which will also work well during the meetings and parties organized on it. Dark and cool floors and elevations, minimalist furniture, little vegetation (necessarily in wooden pots), and small lanterns that will give chic to any social evening - this must work!

It is only a substitute for ideas on how to arrange a summer terrace. Certainly, however, in a small space it is worth betting on lightness and minimalism, which will optically enlarge it, in the case of large terraces, you can consider darker colors and larger furniture. A well-decorated terrace will be able to fulfil many functions - and that's what we like!

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