We have a large selection of different carpet styles on the market. When faced with a decision on the type of carpet to choose, you should pay attention to Shaggy carpets. What do you need to know to enjoy the elegance and comfort of having them?

Shaggy carpets have long, thick hair for a soft and pleasant feel. It is pleasant to walk on a fluffy carpet with bare feet, which in a way captures us in its delicate embrace. Thanks to their unusual structure and fashionable patterns and shapes, these carpets fit into modern interiors as well as traditional ones - everything depends on accessories and interior design.

Shaggy carpets look great in living rooms, bedrooms, living rooms and children's rooms. Due to their length, hairs are often called haircuts. In market offers we have a choice of rich colors, even the most unusual colors, which makes it easy to match the carpet to the interior design in which it is to be located. Thanks to proper haircut and production process some carpets have 3D effect, which is equally interesting and modern solution. Shaggy carpets vary in hair length, typically from 2 to 5 cm.

Shaggy carpets have the desired properties for everyday use. Among other things, they are good sound insulators because they reduce the penetration and propagation of sound. In addition, Shaggy carpets warm up because their pile acts as an insulation layer to prevent heat from escaping from the room. Therefore, they are ideal for children's rooms, where games often take place on the floor. The Italian will provide comfort and warmth for your child. Thanks to its anti-electrostatic properties, it is easier to take care of cleanliness, and everyday care is no different from other carpets, so vacuuming does not require any special equipment. As recommended, it is advisable to shake the carpet from time to time or wash it as needed. Shaggy carpets are characterized by high quality of workmanship and are hygienic and electrostatic certified. In addition, they are characterized by slip stability, resistance to light, thermal conductivity, reduction of shock thanks to impact and high comfort class.

By choosing Shaggy carpets, we can provide a fashionable and comfortable interior.

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