A woman spends 90% of her time in the kitchen... Although over the years, the pattern that a man made money for a house and a woman took care of the house starts to fade. Anyway, it does not matter whether a woman or a man cooks or a kitchen should be functional, which does not mean that it should not be attractive, even though in the house next to the bathroom it is the most exploited room. However, the years pass and the style changes. So what should be done to combine efficiency and effectiveness in this case? Below we will focus primarily on functionality, but do not forget about the original style.

Let's start with the equipment

That is, what, where and how to set it up so that everything can be easily accessed. When we think about the kitchen, one of the first things that comes to mind is the fridge. As it turns out, her position is very important. For safety reasons only, it should be kept away from the oven. Care should also be taken to ensure that the sink and gas plate are not in the immediate vicinity. If you are in the subject of a sink, it should not be located near a wall or a cabinet. The gas plate should also be away from the window. If you're planning on having a dishwasher, make sure it's close to the kitchen cupboard. This will make it easier to pull out and hide the dishes. The light should be all over the table.

A few words about small kitchens...

Because the biggest problem is with small kitchens and this is not only about its functionality, but also about the greatest possible optical magnification. First of all, we have to ask ourselves whether we are connecting the kitchen with the living room or treating it as a separate room. Many people combine a kitchen with a so-called mini dining room.

Either way, it's a big challenge to set up a small, narrow kitchen. However, starting with the color scheme itself. Bright colours definitely give a better "zoom" effect. Another issue is the fact that we need to make as little clutter as possible in our kitchens. Therefore, it is best to choose multifunctional devices such as ovens with microwave options or kitchen robots. It is also worth to think about the cabinet, which gives the possibility of extending an additional top, or even cabinets. The hanging ones can be led to the ceiling, while the ones at the bottom can be equipped with additional drawers. On the installed shelves and rails you can store "everyday" things.

News worth knowing about

Let's go to the kitchen, however, with a slightly larger size. And there are practical storage rooms for... And for example for jams and other similar products, which play the role of "small pantry". Some of these cabinets can hold up to 150 kilograms of stock. We mentioned above about the usefulness of drawers. In the case of larger kitchens, it is worth to buy bottles, plates, cutlery, or other type of trinkets. However, for each dimension of the room, the objects should be close to each other.

What else is worth remembering?

Food, of course, is the main host point in our kitchen. Therefore, you should store your everyday products in a convenient and central location in your kitchen. A good kitchen is a hygienic kitchen, so make sure that all the products in your fridge and cabinet are not out of date. Mould that appears in a short period of time can cause fungus in your kitchen.

What about the look?

Which means we can get to the most enjoyable part. There aren't many definitions here, as it turns out. A kitchen is a room that is supposed to function properly. And the style in which we will arrange it depends only on our taste, the more so that today, companies dealing with interior design can meet even the most original expectations. However, what always works in the case of the kitchen is as much light as possible, which above all "adds" to its meters. Therefore, if we have a choice, let's decide on cabinets in a light tone. It's also important that as much light as possible comes into your kitchen from the outside.

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