It is estimated that the number of accidents involving carbon monoxide in Poland in the last 5 years was as high as 18 768. Despite the campaigns aimed at raising awareness of the danger posed to people by chad, the number of fatal poisonings is still high. All because carbon monoxide is an invisible and odourless gas, which makes it practically impossible for humans to detect it quickly. Full safety is guaranteed only by an appropriate charge sensor, which is able to protect us in time against invisible danger. A high-class product is more than just another gadget - it is a device that will save our health and life in case of danger of delusion.

Invisible danger

Every year there is a growing awareness of how little it takes for everyone to feel really safe at home. Modern carbon dioxide sensors provide us with constant monitoring of the carbon dioxide concentration in our house and timely information about the potential danger. They are easy to install, virtually invisible and reliable - the most advanced devices are subject to continuous inspection programs that include routine testing of products to meet the most stringent requirements. What kind of rocket sensor to choose, taking into account such a large selection in the market? Check out what a top class chocolate sensor should have!

Chad sensor is an investment in safety

Chad sensors are devices that protect lives and ensure the safety of our loved ones. Choosing the right one should therefore be a priority for us. CO The sensor from FIBARO guarantees extraordinary precision of measurement and cooperates with other devices, creating an intelligent safety structure. In the event of an elevated level of carbon monoxide, the system will inform us by sending a message to the phone. Clear and simple signs will allow each member of the household to quickly assess the threat and call for help.

Let us not forget, however, that carbon dioxide can also appear in our homes when we are not there. What's the situation? Thanks to Fibaro's modern Chad Sensor, we will learn about possible dangers wherever we are. With the mobile app, we will always have access to information about the current state of the air in your home.

Take care of your health and well-being

Carbon monoxide can easily get to any place in our home. So where to install the rocket sensor? In order to minimize the risk of chocolate poisoning, the CO Sensor should be placed not only in the rooms where our loved ones are staying. The key will be to secure places that are most exposed to the presence of carbon monoxide - a kitchen, boiler room or living room with a fireplace. Remember that our home is as safe as its least protected place. In this case, very little is really enough to ensure the safety of our loved ones. The Fibaro Chad Sensor is an inconspicuous device that will provide us with both peace and well-being - it is worth knowing that even a small concentration of carbon monoxide may cause discomfort and deterioration of our mood after a longer period of time. CO Sensor will inform us not only about the real danger, but also about the moderate level of CO in a given room, so that we can quickly ventilate the room before we feel worse.

Chad sensor adapted to your needs

CO Sensor can work as a stand-alone device. This means that we do not need to have a Fibaro System and additional devices to use this sensor. Although CO Sensor will then not have the features that provide access to the system, it will still be an extremely precise and effective churn detector. This is an excellent solution for those who wish to use it at home or give it to their loved ones who do not yet use the Fibaro System.

In turn, for users of intelligent systems, there are two versions of the Charge Sensor available. One of them is integrated with the Fibaro System and will work well when we use other smart products in our home, the other operates within the Apple HomeKit platform. Therefore, if you have a Fibaro System or another one based on Z-Wave, you just need to select the right option for you. If you are looking for a device for Apple HomeKit, you should opt for a Charge sensor designed specifically for this technology. Out of concern for the users, a whole series of sensors has been designed, which cooperate with Apple HomeKit, having at the same time all the functions of standard sensors designed to work in the Fibaro System.

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