Children's rooms have a lot of different functions. They serve as a refuge and an oasis of peace, allowing you to experience great adventures, learn and develop your interests. It is necessary to make sure that the room has a friendly atmosphere, so that it never lacks elements to stimulate children's imagination. Therefore, it is worth betting on a simple, effective way - dividing the room for a toddler into a zone for learning, resting and playing.

Learning zone in the child's room

The heart of this zone should be a desk that will serve for learning and reading. Daylight and natural light are invaluable, so it is best to set them at the window. Although not always the child will do his or her homework during the day, this will increase the chances of his or her desk being set up in this way. Of course, you also need to provide a solid lamp with a movable arm, which can be adjusted so that the light source falls on a book or card from above. What light? It is best to be quite cool, because the warm yellow light is not conducive to concentration, but rather to rest and relaxation.

A place to learn for a child

The bulb should not be halogen - such lighting is very tiring for the eyes. They should not be placed in the child's room at all, especially at the desk. Another important element will be the ergonomic chair, which can be adjusted to the child's height. The toddler should not slouch and his legs should rest comfortably on the floor. Otherwise, the hours spent at your desk will expose you to posture defects.

Playground to play with

First of all, it is a lot of space for the child to play freely and realize his or her ideas. An ideal play area should also help keep toys tidy and tidy. It is worth buying a solid shelf, chest and organizer for the most commonly used items. There is a lot of children's furniture in various colours and patterns on the market today, as well as sets for decorating them yourself. It is also worth inviting the child to co-create peace - he or she will be happy to tell you what he or she dreams of and what he or she would prefer not to have in his or her kingdom.

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