Furnishing an interior in a house or apartment requires focusing on many factors. We focus mainly on aesthetics, but we cannot forget about functionality. Even the most beautiful colours of walls or the most fashionable furniture may start to bore us after some time, if we do not take care of them to meet their basic needs. Comfort of use is just as important when it comes to interior design as appearance. It is important that the sofa, which is a hit of this season, is comfortable at the same time.

A beautiful wall colour can be a nightmare if it makes us lazy and causes problems with maintaining concentration. It is similar with curtain rods - it is worth knowing what kind of curtain rods we should use in a given room to make it look good and be functional.

Metal curtain rails - good for any interior?

Due to the material of which metal curtain rods are made, they will find their application in most rooms of our house. This type of curtain rods will be a suitable choice for both living room and kitchen due to its functionality and aesthetics. Note that the kitchen is a room with usually high humidity. Therefore, it is recommended to use metal curtain rods in such conditions, because wooden curtain rods can quickly warp.

The same is true for aesthetic reasons. Metal curtain rods will look good in the kitchen, because they come in colors such as white, satin or stainless steel. In addition, they blend in perfectly with the glass in the room.

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The advantage of metal curtain rods is also the possibility of simple replacement of decorative endings, so we can use them both in classic interiors, as well as in those modern, characterized by minimalism.

Wooden curtain rails - which rooms are best used?

Functionality plays a key role in the selection of this type of curtain rail. Due to the structure of the wood, it is better to avoid using it in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms with high humidity which adversely affects this type of curtain rod. Wooden curtain rails are perfect for interiors where we want to create a warm and family atmosphere. The living room equipped with leather armchairs, wooden elements and furniture will blend in very well with suitably matched wooden curtain rods.

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Wooden curtain rails are most often chosen for large rooms, because the wood above the window in a small space can be too overwhelming. You should also pay special attention to the type of curtain you want to use. Massive fabric may be too heavy for wooden curtain rods, which have a lower strength than metal curtain rods. However, if our wooden curtain rod can easily carry a heavy curtain, a good solution is to use it in a bedroom or a children's room. Because wooden curtain rails have a lower noise level when moving curtains than metal curtain rails.

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