In order to maintain consistency when changing the decor of an apartment, it is necessary to decide in what style the new interior is to be maintained. The court living room next to the futuristic bathroom will look unsightly. We present five unconventional proposals to change the styling of the house, which combine functionality with elegance.

Timeless solutions, proven design and natural materials never go out of fashion. Ethno, Scandinavian, vintage, Provençal or English are the best ideas for an unconventional home rearrangement. What are their characteristics?


Its distinguishing feature is furniture and accessories from all over the world. The interior maintained in this convention is not a faithful representation of a specific, exotic style, such as Indian or Moroccan. The aesthetics of the rooms is modern, and the elements typical of these cultures are only its original complement. An intriguing cultural mix can be found at every step. No one will be surprised by the neighbouring countries: a bedspread with Łowicz motifs, a carpet brought straight from Turkey or a traditional Indonesian mask.

The interior in the ethno style will certainly not lack the colors, so characteristic of folk art from around the world. Strong colours appear mainly in accents that are placed on a neutral background. Ethno is also about minimalism. In order to expose fancy motifs, they are placed among the simplicity of form.

Scandinavian style

With the help of the Scandinavian style, the inhabitants of northern Europe compensate for the lack of sunshine in their part of the globe. However, the bright spaces and the simplicity of the forms that make this aesthetic stand out, also work well in other corners of the world. In every Scandinavian interior whiteness of Wszobylski makes the rooms brighter and make an impression of being optically larger. Ascetic lighting often takes industrial or minimalist forms. In a Scandinavian living room, the lamp can be used as an ordinary bulb as well as metal rods formed into a geometric shape.

The raw Scandinavian style at first glance breaks the characteristic accents. Heavy bedspreads, axe candlesticks or large cushions make the interior cosy and warm. Additions are usually kept in strong colours - red or black, which allows you to break the dominant neutral colours.


A fresh look at the style of the past decades is the quintessence of vintage aesthetics. The interior maintained in this form is not to be an open-air museum, but a collection of modern inspirations of past fashion. In line with the principle that good design never ages, vintage style abounds in timeless, yet functional objects that never go out of fashion. Accessories that will enrich the interior can be found both in your basement and at the flea market. At the same time, remember to renovate the finds to make them look impressive in an elegant living room.

Apart from original accessories, vintage style also includes multicoloured and patterned fabrics. Shiny velvets as well as matt linen materials work just as well. Curtains, pillowcases and tablecloths should ideally focus around the same color scheme - the most common are browns, oranges, yellows and greens.

Provencal style

In Provence style, referring to the picturesque land of southern France, you can find both rustic atmosphere and courtly elegance. White, beige, blue, sunny yellow and olive green dominate. At every step you will come across lavender - growing in pots, dried and hanging in the kitchen or hidden in bags in the wardrobe. Furniture, usually white or beige, has convertible legs, which resemble the letter S in shape. It happens that there are carved floral motifs on them: grapes, grains or flowers.

Every Provencal interior will not do without porcelain dishes, carved cupboards and crystal chandeliers. Often you can also meet the console in them. It is a tasteful, wall-mounted table, usually placed between windows, over which a mirror is hung.

English style

By some people considered overwhelming and full of chaos interiors in English style, characterized by fully thought-out maximalism and coziness. Nothing is unnecessary in an English style salon. There are plenty of sofas, sofas and armchairs, additionally covered with a pile of pillows and blankets, all for the comfort of the household members. Almost every house has a fireplace, which enhances the cozy atmosphere. Tasteful cups and a tea kettle are also a must.

Thanks to the use of bright, pastel colours, the interior, filled with trinkets and furniture, retains its lightness and elegance. Massive furniture, usually made of wood, because it is painted white, does not overwhelm the room. A popular motif is roses. You can see them on curtains, pillowcases or tablecloths.

If you decide to change the style of your apartment, you have to remember about maintaining consistency. Mixing different conventions together can make a room look overwhelmed and tasteless.

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