The birth of a child is, of course, an important event for the whole family, full of emotions. Each parent is waiting for the birth of a child and is faced with the task of arranging the whole room. This is certainly a very pleasant task. So how do you arrange a nursery? What furniture and accessories should I choose? We'll give you some interesting advice.

Probably many parents are wondering whether the newborn should have its own room or whether it should live with its parents. If our housing conditions allow us to find a separate room, we have a very large field to show off during the time of room furnishing. We must certainly make sure that the space in such a place is friendly to the newborn.

Children's room furniture

In every infant's room, the most important piece of furniture will be a cot or a cradle. Such furniture must be safe for the child. Usually good cots are made of solid wood, which makes them safe for the baby. A very practical solution is also the possibility to adjust the height of the bed. As the child grows, it will be possible to comfortably lower the cot. We start with the high position of the mattress, because thanks to that we will have the comfort of reaching for the child. For this, of course, you need to choose a good mattress that will be safe for your child's spine.

Conveyor with chest of drawers

A practical element in the room will be a chest of drawers on which you can place a changing table. In the dresser you will be able to hide your baby's clothes. There should be no shortage of a comfortable chair, so that the mother has the comfort of breastfeeding her child. There is also a small table where you can find baby bottles, a cup of tea for the parent.

Infant room - wall colour, lighting and flooring

The walls in a small child's room should be painted with ecological paint that does not contain harmful ingredients for the child. In addition, it will certainly be worth choosing any pastel colors that will only optically enlarge the room, calm the child. Children's toys usually have intense colors, so the walls may have slightly more delicate colors. Of course, children are afraid of the dark, so you will also have to think about comfortable lighting. It seems that soft lights that can shine all night long and provide comfort for your child will prove to be a practical solution.

It is also worth supplementing the interior of the child's room with some extras, such as colourful pillows or other textiles, which will work very well and make the interior more cosy.

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