Today, traditional lighting is no longer efficient and cost-effective. The development of technology has led to LED floodlights being increasingly used - both for indoor and outdoor lighting. With their help you can illuminate billboards, exhibitions, facades, gardens, garages, driveways, parking lots, walking alleys, streets, parks, squares, warehouses and many more places. LED illuminator is a popular means for the so-called floodlighting. Evenly illuminate the entire building, without shadows or unexposed sections, and emphasize the interesting texture of the wall.

Design and principle of operation of LED illuminators

The principle of LED illuminator operation is very simple. The main elements are LEDs with a long life span and professional electronic circuits. Durable housing equipped with protective glass, allows you to use the lamp even in the worst weather conditions. It is worth noting that the LED floodlight is a product completely shockproof and waterproof. The minimum degree of protection is IP65 or IP67. The luminaire power ranges from 40 to 300 W, replacing traditional halogens up to 1000 W.

Benefits of LED floodlights

LED floodlights bring many benefits. The main advantage is energy efficiency. Minimize costs by up to 70%. The principle is simple - you use less electricity, so you pay less. It is worth noting that a traditional halogen consumes about 8 times more energy than a LED illuminator. Thanks to this, the investment in modern technology can pay for itself in as little as 3 months. Another advantage is the high quality of light, which works in almost every place. Bright and clear light rays guarantee reliability even in the worst weather conditions.

The longevity of the LEDs must not be forgotten - this means that the operating costs will also be significantly reduced. Deciding on LED illuminators you will get a guarantee of high quality. Manufacturers shall ensure that the product operates reliably for approximately 30,000 hours or more. Immediate readiness to work is also an unquestionable advantage. Depending on the settings, the lamp can turn on in less than 1 second. It also does not need any extra warm-up time.

LED floodlights with twilight sensor

LED floodlights with built-in motion and twilight sensors are becoming increasingly popular. The product only starts up when it is needed. The range of the sensors is approximately 11 m - enough to provide comprehensive security in public areas and at the same time save as much as possible on energy costs. Depending on the settings, the lighting will be activated when even a small object is detected in motion (e.g. a dog, a cat), or only when a large moving object is detected (e.g. a human being, a car). Another adjustable parameter is the intensity of the light that activates the illuminator.

At your discretion, you can decide whether to turn on the lamp at any time of the day, depending on the brightness level (e.g. bad weather, darkness), or only during a dark night. The startup time also plays an important role - depending on your preferences, it can be a few seconds or a few minutes.

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