How to furnish a living room, which is about planning

One of the most important tasks that await us is to choose the optimal style of arrangement. Today, modern arrangements are included in the price, and their advantage is that they work regardless of the interior they appear in. Modern living room is a unique combination of elegance and simplicity, so you can not use too much furniture in it. Of course, not everyone likes them, so the alternative is a classic salon. This one is especially useful when we deal with a well lit room, and its advantage is, among other things, the opportunity to open up for us a great deal of freedom when we have to choose furniture and accessories. If the living room in our apartment is a room connected with the kitchen, it is recommended to use a stylistics consistent for both rooms arrangement. Furniture should therefore be selected in such a way as to harmonize with each other both in terms of style and color. The idea of dividing the two rooms could be a different shade of flooring.

Why do we need a living room?

Modern wooden furniture

Once the choice of arrangement style is over, we must consider whether we will also dine in the living room and whether it will become a place where the guests invited by us will spend the night. If the living room is connected to the dining room, it must be a natural move to provide it with a suitable table. As an alternative to classic solutions, folding tables are an excellent alternative for smaller rooms. In the living room, where guests spend the night, a sofa bed is the best choice. Otherwise, you can opt for a comfortable couch, which not only has a representative appearance, but also provides much greater comfort of sitting.

Furniture and room size

When we think about the furniture that will appear in our living room, we must bear in mind that it should be adjusted to the size of the room of this type. In smaller ones, it is worth betting on minimalism, remembering that too many furniture overwhelms even when the living room is quite a large room.

Ideal colouringBright furniture and colourful armchairs

It is assumed that the furniture present in the living room should be characterized by a strong color, so if we are in favour of intense shades, we gain space that allows us to realize our passion. Colours are particularly important when it comes to small rooms. They should then be bright and subdued, which makes them optically larger. If the walls do not stand out, they can be contrasted with both leather sofas and sofas, which are characterised by lively colours. Furniture is not recommended to be too dark, as it is characteristic for them that dust is quickly deposited on them. If you are looking for a perfect colour of furniture, you should follow the rule that furniture with bright walls is best suited for contrasting colours, while when the colour of the walls is intense, the furniture should be bright and subdued. An interesting solution is also the combination of bright furniture and contrasting sofas and sofas.

A couple of sentences about comfort

The living room is a room of special importance, so it is not surprising that the furniture should not only be comfortable, but also maximally comfortable. This principle works especially well for seats. Sofas and sofas with low backrests are becoming more and more fashionable, however, experience suggests that if we want high usable comfort, a much better idea are seats with backrest supporting the whole back. It is best if the backrest is profiled to fit the curves of our body. It is also advisable to remember about the table or bench, so this piece of furniture should be of sufficient height so that its use does not involve the need to bend your back.

Living room in earthy colours


A smart choice when shopping

Even before shopping, it is necessary to carefully measure both the furniture and the size of the living room. The first step is to determine the height of a piece of furniture, and only then to determine its specific construction. It should not be forgotten that in a large furniture showroom, products often create an impression of being smaller than they really are. The next step, which we often forget about, is a careful analysis of furniture, which should be carried out before buying it. It is worth checking in person how comfortable the sofa is and how freely the cabinets open the chest of drawers. The fasteners should not be ignored by us, and before finalizing the purchase it is worth to familiarize yourself with the rules of lodging a complaint - just in case. We should not forget that the price of furniture should not be the only argument we take into account. Their quality and design are no less important. In the case of furniture, the rule that the cheapest solutions are also the least durable is often confirmed.

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