Hotel facilities, exclusive conference rooms, business clubs, elegant restaurants, theatres, cinemas and art galleries, as well as prestigious offices and many other places are more and more often modern, carefully arranged interiors adapted to the latest trends in design, individual and unique. The result is original, tastefully decorated, stylish objects, whose purpose is to attract attention and provide a sense of luxury and uniqueness to all those who have access to them. In hotels, most interiors are comfortably equipped according to certain accepted standards, and floors are carpeted.

Effective carpet in hotels

Depending on the interior of the building, the carpet is selected individually to the decor and purpose of the interior. Hotel rooms or suite bedrooms usually use a high-quality carpet, which, in addition to providing comfort to guests, is designed to soundproof and suppress the noise of the street and other noises coming from neighboring rooms. Corridors, halls and hotel restaurants are also covered with carpet, but for the sake of general accessibility it should meet certain requirements.

Individual style and rich collections

More and more often hotel managers choose non-standard solutions in the field of interior design and furnishing. This is mainly because the standard proposals do not meet their needs and are not in line with the development strategy of the facility. When ordering carpets from individual collections, you can choose not only any type of material, but also special acoustic bases of increased weight, as well as any type of pile. Moreover, a great advantage of carpets from individual collections is the possibility to design and make logotypes, simple graphics and even more complicated patterns.

The right choice of raw material and sewing method

Modern hotel carpets are made of natural fibres such as wool, corn or mixtures. In the latter case, 80% polyamide and 20% wool are most commonly used. The type of hair sewing is also important for demanding customers. There are three types: flocked structure, velvet and saxon.

High functionality and other features

When choosing the right carpet, its intended use and the design of the rooms in which it will be installed must be taken into account. The main feature of carpet carpets used in frequently used places is their practical application, low abrasion and high resistance to dirt. The carpet perfectly isolates rooms from the cold and silences sounds, constituting a kind of acoustic barrier. On the other hand, the hotel carpet used in the rooms is distinguished by its high quality and impressive appearance. It has several functions at the same time, therefore, in addition to providing guests with a sense of intimacy and comfort, it should be aesthetic, easy to clean and perfectly harmonize with the interior design.

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