Employee comfort. It's not a big deal, but it directly translates into the quality of his work, effectiveness and creativity. What is the slogan "comfort in the office"? What do you need to create a comfortable office environment?

When furnishing a flat, we can easily define the concept of comfort. However, when it comes to office space arrangement, comfort is no longer an obvious criterion. This is a mistake, because whether the furniture we work with is comfortable is no less important than its functionality. Long-term stay in an unnatural position forced by an improperly adjusted chair to the office or incorrect height of the top results in spinal pain, neck pain, muscle pain or blood circulation disorders. This in turn leads to a decrease in employee efficiency. So how do you choose the right furniture for your office? What should I do?

Above all, ergonomics

Although workplace ergonomics is already mentioned in the 1998 Ordinance of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy on health and safety at work in workplaces equipped with screen monitors, it is a relatively new concept in the public mind. With the rapid development of new technologies and related changes in the approach to work and the employee, ergonomics is becoming an increasingly important issue when planning office space arrangements. According to the simplest definition, it is a science that defines the special relationship between the employee and his or her job. It puts emphasis on individual needs of employees, their style of work, and all this in order to create the most comfortable working conditions, thus making work more effective. This comfort is achieved primarily through ergonomic furniture, i.e. furniture that allows you to perform your tasks without overloading your body.

Sit on what?

Office chairs for people who work 8 hours a day in a sitting position should have, above all, a profiled, comfortable and height-adjustable seat. Accessories such as an adjustable headrest that supports the neck and shoulders and adjustable armrests to ensure that your hands are properly positioned at work are a good complement. An interesting ergonomic solution is the synchronous mechanism used, which ensures that the seat and backrest follow the movement of the user's body. Thanks to this mechanism it is possible to change the position several times during work, which prevents fatigue and improves blood circulation. Modern stools are an alternative to traditional office chairs, which also provide support for the spine and comfort of use. Among them, one can notice the so-called kneeling, which is a properly profiled stool, distributing body weight evenly between the pelvis and knees. Saddle chairs, on the other hand, are not only adjustable in height, but also in width and angle of inclination. The forced position reduces the tension on the shoulders, neck and lumbar spine, allowing you to stay in one position for longer. Another ergonomic solution for office workstations are balancing balancing balls and stools that strengthen the muscles of the back and legs while sitting.

Work with what?

The desk should be matched to the height of the person who is working on it. For this reason, desks with electronic height adjustment are the most desirable from an ergonomic point of view. An interesting and very practical solution are desks with a wide range of table top height settings, allowing you to work in both sitting and standing positions.

When we feel comfortable, we perform the tasks entrusted to us faster and more willingly; we also have more energy and enthusiasm for work. Therefore, it is worth taking care of comfortable working conditions, as it translates into the results of the entire company.

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