If you care about a bathroom with character, it is worth to arrange it in Egyptian style. Thanks to this decoration we will be able to take a bath in a truly royal version. But how to arrange the interior in this way?

Which colours and finishing materials will work best?

The Egyptian style bathroom should be dominated by natural colours, especially beige, ecru, brown, yellow, sepia and white. Break them with old gold, azure blue or sea green, so the bathroom will gain a bit more exotic, yet elegant and stylish decor.

In the Egyptian bathroom, stone is the basic finishing material. It can occur in a variety of forms and forms, but the most commonly used solution is sandstone. There's nothing weird about that. It presents itself extremely beautifully and perfectly gives the Egyptian character to the interior.

If, however, stone is a solution that does not fully meet our tastes, we can decide on other finishing solutions, especially:

  • structural or masonry plasters - thanks to them the wall gains a unique texture, which attracts attention and presents itself in an original way. To achieve a more natural effect, the plaster should be additionally aged,
  • stylized tiles are a relatively cheap and practical solution. However, it is important to choose the right pattern for the tiles. All kinds of plant decors, hieroglyphics, antique paintings and images of pharaohs, which bring to mind Egyptian baths, are perfect.

What furniture for the Egyptian bathroom?

What furniture for the Egyptian bathroom? In the bathroom decorated in the Egyptian style, wooden furniture will work perfectly. However, they should have a simple, almost ascetic form. Cabinets and shelves on high, decorated legs will present themselves in an interesting way.

In the case of the Egyptian bathroom, the furniture made of dark exotic wood looks particularly good. It is not only durable and resistant to difficult conditions in the bathroom, but also adds elegance to it.

Which bathtub is best for you?

Which bathtub is best for you? The bath tub in the Egyptian style bathroom plays a special role. Therefore, it must be properly exposed. It can be a free-standing model, which will attract attention from the very beginning. We can also opt for a classic built-in bath, but then it is worth to take care that it is on the elevation.

It can also be reached by stylish stairs, which will be an original solution, perfectly fitting the Egyptian interior convention. It is good if the outside of the bathtub is decorated with a mosaic.

Stylish accessories

The final result of the arrangement largely depends on the skillfully selected additions, which can be quite a challenge for many people. What is worth deciding on? One thing is for sure - a bathroom furnished in Egyptian style cannot be modest. On the one hand it gives us a lot of room for manoeuvre, on the other hand we have to be careful not to overdo it with the multitude of additions, because we will simply clutter the space and make it look much smaller optically.

The Egyptian bathroom will be particularly well presented accessories in gold and copper. Therefore, it is worth choosing gold-plated bathroom faucets in retro style. A large mirror in a richly ornamented gold frame will also look great. I'm sure every guest will pay attention to them.

The room must not lack Egyptian-style pedestals, columns or pillars. Cats and pharaohs figurines, as well as antique paintings will be perfect. Clay dishes will also present themselves in an interesting way.

The Egyptian bathroom must also contain potted plants. The obvious choice is the tiger variable, or papyrus. It will be a beautiful decoration of the interior. We can also decide on ferns and wings. Remember, however, not to overdo the number of plants. It is supposed to be an Egyptian style, and not a typically exotic one, reminiscent of the hot tropics.

To sum up, the Egyptian-style bathroom is more like a bathing room and certainly not a modest one, but the neutral colours and attractive accessories make it an interior you want to stay in. Ideal for long baths and quick showers - it will delight not only the household members but also the guests.

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