Window foils, despite their close association with the décor of office and corporate rooms, are more and more often used in homes and private apartments. Their aesthetics, functionality and beneficial influence on interior design make them a popular alternative to traditional curtains or roller blinds.

Each room has different needs and requirements for decorative elements. Window film is a way to significantly improve the design and create the desired atmosphere and style of the room.

Due to the functional aspects of the use of decorative foils, it is worth considering their selection in relation to specific rooms. Specifying your own expectations regarding the role that the foil should play in a given place will allow you to create a practical and elegant interior design.

Sunscreen for kitchens

Kitchen is a kind of center in every home. Usually it is the place where the most people meet most often.

Sunscreen seems to be the right choice for this room, as its specificity and performance will increase the comfort of living, especially in kitchens exposed to intense sunlight.

Cooking meals increases the feeling of warmth, which combined with exposure to the sun makes the kitchen a warm and unpleasant place, especially in summer. It is therefore worthwhile to apply a countermeasure and eliminate the excess solar energy entering the room through the window. The tinted glass film is a perfect choice for this role.

Matt foils for bathrooms

A bathroom window often becomes problematic in terms of privacy and intimacy when it comes to toilet and grooming activities. In this case, the use of curtains or blinds seems to be hardly practical, due to the necessity of continuous window covering - a permanently covered roller blind, blinds or curtains limit sunlight, darkening the bathroom.

A way to limit the view of the room may be to use milk foils, which at the same time let the sun through without causing too much darkness in the room.

It is worth remembering that the foil installation does not have to concern the whole pane - the foil can be placed, for example, on the lower part of the window, where it will be a function limiting the view from the outside. At the same time, leaving the upper part of the glass exposed will allow for the observation of the environment from inside the room.

In the case of a bathroom, you can also consider using foil to glaze the shower enclosure. This is an increasingly common manoeuvre that enhances the visual quality of the room and adds elegance and modern style. In addition, the use of foil on the shower enclosure reduces the visibility of stains on the glass.

Decorative foils for living room

The use of window film in the living room does not have to be done according to the usual scheme, which usually means using a smooth sun protection film on the windows of the living room. Due to the nature of the room in which guests are welcomed, the living room should be a showcase of the house and should be the essence of elegance, family character and climate prevailing in the house.

Emphasizing the intended design may facilitate the use of decorative window films with the effect of frosted glass. The possibility of arranging a decorative design on the discussed foils makes each living room a unique place, and the selection of patterns and colors of the installed foil depends on the preferences of the household members.

Frosted foils are often used to decorate glass panes, as they blend in perfectly with any interior design, while providing a unique game of sunlight entering the room through the patterns created on the foil.

Window foils for bedroom

The bedroom is a place where you particularly need comfort, intimacy and private space. This room is an oasis of relaxation, in which the man goes into hiding after a tiring day.

Especially in the case of a bedroom located on the ground floor or low floors it is worth to try to install the foil on the glass. In relation to this room, a suitable proposal may be a sun protection film, which will gently tint the windows, reducing the excess of rays of sunlight in the morning. This will allow you to sleep longer, not interrupted by sunshine too early.

Foils for children's room

In the children's room foil can be a great decoration, emphasizing the atmosphere of fun, joy and carefree.

Companies offering their customers glass films try to meet the highest expectations and the most unique needs. Therefore, it should not be a problem to order a film adapted to the character of the child's room. The use of frosted foil with decorations in this case seems to be an excellent proposal, and the participation of children in the design design can be a great fun, integrating the family.

Window foils in entrance doors

The use of foil on glass in front doors is becoming more and more common. This place is usually used for films with a Venetian mirror effect, which ensure visibility from the inside of the house, on the other hand limiting it completely. A similar effect is exceptionally appropriate for use on the front door, as it allows the household members to see the person ringing the doorbell, at the same time providing no insight into the interior of the house.

Windscreen films all over the house

Another practical aspect of using the film is its protective function, which strengthens the window pane and eliminates the risk of breakage by accident or burglary. Anti-burglary foils are a perfect way to increase the security and protection of your home, because they discreetly prevent you from breaking in through the window. Protective films also perfectly integrate broken glass, preventing glass particles from falling apart and reducing the risk of injury.

It is worth noting that window foils are applicable to all glazing in the house. The possibility of experimenting with placing the foil in different places to create a unique design encourages to take an interest in the offer of foil for glass. Their decorative character will create an elegant atmosphere in every house, and every glass and glazing will gain a new, original character.

When looking for professional films for glass, it is worth to get acquainted with their subject matter. Investigating Internet resources will enable you to choose the most suitable company to offer similar products. The search should be based on the phrase "3m window film", as this is the easiest way to find a multitude of different offers from different cities.

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