The fashion for lofts does not pass away, but on the contrary - in every larger Polish city there is a growing interest in flats furnished in post-industrial buildings. Former spinning mills, paper mills, warehouse halls and other factories are converted into residential units, which retain some of the post-industrial climate. Interiors of this type have a unique atmosphere, which is additionally emphasized by well-chosen accessories.

Love the lofts

What attracts to the loft? High flats, often with mezzanine floors, stand out from other newly constructed flats. The lofts leave uncovered red bricks, factory pipes and cables, huge windows and other elements characteristic for factory building. This creates a completely different atmosphere in the loft, which cannot be created in other buildings. In addition, old factories and warehouses are often located in city centres, so that lofty flats can boast an attractive location, which is not the case with new investments on the outskirts of the agglomeration.

Many people value lofts for the space they lack in blocks of so-called big plates and modern blocks of flats. Large apartments are located only in tenement houses from the beginning of the last century, but the apartments are often damp, cold and without the possibility of modern heating. There are no similar problems with lofts, as renovated post-industrial buildings are equipped with all utilities and their interior is at a pleasant temperature, even during cold winter days.

The interior of the loft has been refined in every detail

People living in lofts try to refine the interiors of their homes in every way. For this purpose, they focus not only on designer furniture, but also on loft lamps. Lighting that matches the lofty style emphasizes the character of the interior and makes it perfectly decorated.

Among the loft lamps, chandeliers, hanging and standing lamps made of metal predominate. Metal housings combine with long cables and glass elements, and the design of the lofts is reminiscent of the lighting used in the old factories. They are characterized by a lack of decorations and a rather austere form, which stands out from the background of lamps, commonly found in Polish flats.

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