It is said that the kitchen is the heart of the house. Here, we not only prepare meals every day, but also meet with family or friends, organize climatic events with friends. Interior design is not everything. Lighting is very important and should be planned before finishing the kitchen and taking into account the style we want to achieve. This is important from a practical point of view, as one of the first stages will be the installation work.

Cooking with good light

In the kitchen we have to bet on several types of lighting. First of all, the main lighting to be able to work freely in a space where there is a lot of dark corners, lots of appliances and equipment, and to achieve culinary success requires almost ideal conditions. The latter will also provide appropriate light directed at the worktop, as well as light sources in the vicinity of cabinets and corners where natural light does not penetrate.

Even lighting is a priority, to maintain concentration but also a friendly atmosphere. The atmosphere of the kitchen interior will be created by an additional beam of light evenly distributed over the table, at which all the residents and guests sit.

The centrepiece of the kitchen

The light on the ceiling is the most important and longest used light. In small kitchens we place them above the table, while large kitchen spaces require light points in the middle of the room and additionally above the table.

The central lighting provides transparency for the entire kitchen. It should first bounce off the ceiling and then fall on all equipment, thus reducing the formation of shadows. The alternative is a classic plafond. An interesting idea, which combines functionality and decorative effect, is the use of suspended ceiling with lighting placed in it. Here we can count on greater energy efficiency through the use of compact fluorescent lamps or LED lamps, and also optically enlarge the space.

Local lighting

A worktop, stove or sink is a place where we prepare meals. Standing backwards to the central light, a dark space is created and shadows also appear. Working conditions are not suitable. Therefore, we locally focus on the sources of bright, focused light.

This type of lighting can be placed on the underside of wall cabinets, in special fittings directly under the cabinets or by using LEDs placed on a belt. Remember to choose between LEDs or non-heating halogen lamps. It's a good idea to separate a few lighting circuits so that you can use your kitchen's lighting gradually, depending on your current needs.

Functional, comfortable and atmospheric

Kitchen interior allows you to realize the most intriguing and original ideas for decoration. Also in terms of lighting. Manufacturers offer a wide range of lamps that guarantee comfort at the work surface, the climate during shared meals, but also the composition that attracts attention.

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