Contemporary lifestyle somehow determines certain solutions in the field of interior design. This includes the dining room. Nowadays, there is rather a move away from separating a separate room for its needs, taking over some of the space from the living room. In flats and houses where we have a kitchen open to the living room, we can achieve an interesting effect of combining three spaces - kitchen, dining and living space. To ensure the harmonious arrangement of this home "triad", it is worth keeping the same style for each of the zones.

Why arrange the kitchen and dining room in a homogenous style?

When designing a room where meals are prepared and eaten, consistency will give us a sense of order and neatness. In such an environment, one functions and rests better.

What does the same style mean for the kitchen and dining room? It's all about keeping the same or similar color scheme, homogeneous style, i.e. moving away from room furnishings in an extremely different way (e.g. rustic kitchen and minimalist dining room). In addition to a similar style, the multifunctionality of each zone should not be forgotten, with a particular emphasis on the kitchen. After all, an ideal dining space combines interesting design and usability.

Kitchen arrangement

The harmony of dining and kitchen style can be achieved especially through furniture: dining chairs and kitchen chairs should be kept in the same style. Another interesting solution will be hockey, i.e. bar stools instead of chairs. They are suitable for high countertops, counters and kitchen islands. For relatively small rooms it is better to choose a rectangular or square table, while for large apartments you can go crazy and insert a round table, remembering, however, that its style should refer to the kitchen buildings.

Although we want the arrangement of the dining room and kitchen to be coherent, it does not prevent us from exposing certain elements of the decor, e.g. by hanging the lamp over the table or separating the dining area by means of high vegetation or a decorative screen.

The dining room accessories will also play an important role in furnishing the kitchen and the dining area. On the one hand, they can emphasize the homogeneity of the style of the two rooms, but on the other hand, they can distinguish themselves by means of decorative details.

If we believe scientists, we spend a year in the kitchen on average... about a month. Therefore, making this room a place where we like to spend time and feel good should be our priority. The cosiness of the interior can be achieved by harmonizing the style of the kitchen, dining room and living room.

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