When planning a room for our son, we must be aware that a two-year-old girl's room does not have to appeal to a five-year-old, and certainly will not delight a ten-year-old. Therefore, it is worth considering how to arrange a room for a boy taking into account the changing preferences of a small tenant. Contrary to the belief of many parents, changing the arrangement of such a room every few years is not an exaggeration, and certainly we are talking about a move that will be beneficial for the small tenant. We're dealing with his kingdom.

Two-year-old in a room.

When a child is already walking, it's all about fun, so it shouldn't surprise us that the play area will occupy the largest part of his or her room. This is all the easier because a cot or a two-year-old couch often still stands in the parents' room. In such a case, the middle of the room should be used for a thicker carpet or rug - an ideal place for laying blocks and other games. Of course, even in the room of such a small child a table should not be missing, but it is best to have it under the window, because of the good lighting. A chair with a backrest must be placed at the table, as this will give the child a plastic corner. An interesting idea may also be a board on which you can write with chalk without any problems. Another solution to enhance the child's creativity is a large sheet of bristol on the wall, so in this designated place the child will be able to paint and draw as much as he likes.

When a child is only two years old, there is no need for a TV in his or her room. At this stage, however, it is worth teaching them how important it is to keep toys in order. This will be made easier by the appearance of coloured containers or large crates in the child's room. It must not be forgotten that furniture edges must be secured. It is also good to install at least a few shelves low enough for the child to have free access to them. The walls in such a room are best painted in a light colour, and there is no need to avoid pastel colours. Wallpaper with motifs from fairy tales watched by a child will also be an interesting solution. An interesting decorative element will certainly be a lamp in the shape of a teddy bear or another toy.

A five-year-old in his own room

A five-year-old tenant is a person who can usually already boast his or her own one-person couch, and for safety reasons it is best to invest in a reduced bed height. The bed itself can break with the convention by resembling football. A practical solution is a couch equipped with a box for bedding, because it can be a well thought-out hiding place not only for a duvet and pillow, but also for children's treasures. You should also think of a rug or sidewalk on the floor. Here, the one who imitates the road seems to be particularly interesting, as it stimulates boys' imagination.

A five-year-old is a child who will soon be attending school, so there should be a child in his room outside the play area who will be studying. The science zone must not be random. So if you're dealing with a desk, it's best to put it under the window so that your child has access to light. It is also worth investing in a desk lamp. The desk itself must be wide enough, as it will often host a desktop or laptop. Height-adjustable solutions with a curved top are particularly suitable here, as they can grow together with your child. Also, the chair should be an ergonomic solution to protect the spine of the toddler. At least some toys in the room have to give way to textbooks, but this does not mean that they have to be thrown away. A toy net fixed to the ceiling is a good solution here.

The boy's room

If the room is large enough, next to the desk you can find a place for a table allowing the child to develop his or her artistic passions. Also, reading should not be an activity performed at the desk, because it often does not evoke the best associations in such a situation. A better solution is a special pouffe on which you can sit with a book. A TV in a five-year-old's room is one of the most controversial issues. Opponents believe that this is an invitation to spend hours in front of the child and even supporters of this option admit that controlling what the child is watching becomes quite difficult.

The perfect room for a ten-year-old.

When a boy is ten years old, we have to accept that bears and cars on wallpaper are a thing of the past. Also the carpet in the cars can stop being a reason to be proud. Ten years is already a serious age, so it is worth taking care of a little bit of adulthood in the children's room. Colourful walls can be replaced with uniform ones, yet in vivid, pastel shades, and with monotony can be broken off by posters, although their choice is best made together with the child and with respect for his or her taste. Also when choosing a bed it is worth betting on a traditional solution - metal or with wooden fronts. When it comes to chests and toy nets, you can let them stay for a while, but where toys and mascots have been standing, an empty space appears. The ten-year-old will certainly manage them himself by putting Lego brick models or comic books about superheroes on it. At this age you can also think of a TV in a young man's room.

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