The bathroom unit, next to the kitchen equipment, is the most expensive investment in a new house or during renovation. The purchase of all necessary equipment and accessories requires a lot of money, although it is worth noting that changes in the bathroom arrangement are made so rarely that we can afford a little more expense, which in return will allow us to enjoy a nice appearance and efficient functioning of the equipment for many years.

When is the bathroom ergonomic?

The ergonomics of the bathroom is influenced by many factors, but one of the most important is to maintain proper heights during the installation of equipment. It is worth adjusting the height at which the washbasin and towel holders will be fixed to the height of the household members. If there are children living in the house, we should remember to install additional hangers appropriate for their needs. It is also worth putting a special step in the bathroom to make it easier for the youngest to use the washbasin on their own. In addition, from an ergonomic point of view, it is important to determine the most suitable height for the inhabitants of the bath tub and toilet bowl. Thanks to this we will not only improve the use of them, but above all we will avoid dangerous accidents caused by slipping. It is also worth remembering that it is a good idea to install a washbasin in the vicinity of a toilet, and the best place for a shelf for cleaning products will be the least visible corner of the bathroom.

Elegance in the bathroom

Elegance in the bathroom is primarily dependent on the style of equipment and furniture, but not without significance are also details in the form of decorations and faucets. The elegance of the interior will be enhanced by well composed colours and accessories matched with taste. It is worth to make sure that in our bathroom there are furniture that will allow you to hide cleaning products and cosmetics. You'll also need a stylish towel rack. A good solution would be to buy a soap dish, a cup for brushes and containers for flakes and cosmetics in the same style. The beauty of the bathroom is added by order and order, and not even a controlled one, which is more suitable for the library.

Bathroom decorations

When buying decorations for the bathroom, we should remember that they should be not only nice, but also practical. Let us not forget that additives must be resistant to moisture. Unmounted images that will destroy quickly will not work. A bad idea will also be decorations made of fabric. By absorbing moisture, they will promote the development of microorganisms. It is therefore best to choose elegant, ceramic accessories, such as soap dishes or containers. Objects made of glass, stone or nice plastic will also be suitable. Remember, however, that the less the rule, the better it works in the case of bathrooms.

Batteries in the bathroom

Taking care of the elegant bathroom design, it is worth investing in concealed faucets, which will add style to our interior. By choosing a concealed basin mixer or shower mixer, we will provide our bathroom with a unique look, because they are made of the highest quality steel and chrome, which gives them a special shine. The advantage of the accessories is also original, modern design, which will add charm to any bathroom and will be a decoration of all fashionable interiors. Simplicity and minimalism of faucets will be suitable for both old-style bathrooms and those following the latest trends that value modernity. In addition, they do not protrude unsightly from the walls. An additional advantage of flush-mounted mixers is their special function, e.g. protection against water leaking at temperatures above 40 degrees (such requirements are met by the flush-mounted basin mixer and the flush-mounted shower mixer).

It is worth remembering that when deciding to buy concealed faucets, it is worth to supply the entire bathroom, because most often when shopping in the set, we will pay less.

When renovating or equipping a bathroom, remember that it should be ergonomic. However, let's not forget about its unique style and elegance, thanks to which we will enjoy a beautiful interior for many years. One of the necessary elements of bathroom equipment, which also affects its elegance, are faucets, so let's choose the concealed ones, so that we can avoid unsightly screws and gaskets outside. Let's also buy accessories in one style. They will allow us to achieve harmony and unique look of our bathroom, and long baths will be a real pleasure.

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