Choosing the right toilet board makes the comfort of use high. In addition, the adjustment of all parameters ensures that the mechanism works properly and that the materials are used more slowly during operation.

Types of toilet seats

The seat boards available on the market can be divided according to several parameters:

  • the color,
  • shape,
  • the material they are made of,
  • size,
  • additional options: e.g. battery, slow descent, additional board cover suitable for children.

The first criterion worth considering is size. For this purpose, the following distances are best measured: length of the board (the measurement should begin with the attachment to the end of the board), width of the attachment spacing, shell length and width of the board at the widest point.

The hinge spacing is the most important, although in most boards there is a possibility to adjust the hinge spacing on the screws, it is important to remember that it is limited. This adjustment can also be set in two ways: horizontal or vertical. In the horizontal case, the width of the screw spacing is important; in the vertical case, the shell length is taken into account.

The materials of which the toilet seats are made

Currently, the market offers a wide selection of boards made of various types of materials, which determine the price and comfort of using the board. Among the most popular are the following:

  • boards made of soft plastic and polypropylene are the cheapest, but also very susceptible to damage, there are no boards with additional functions in this group, e.g. slow falling,
  • Hard plastic boards - are durable and often equipped with an antibacterial coating,
  • Wooden planks are characterized by high elegance, precision and ease of cleaning,
  • boards made of wood-like materials and ironed wood,
  • polyester resin boards - their main advantage is their decorativeness, because the resin is embedded in various types of elements, while the resin is a very resistant to damage material,
  • Stainless steel boards - are by far the most durable and often also the most expensive of all other boards made of other materials,

Additional functions of toilet seats

The toilet seat can not only be well adapted in terms of its construction and design, but can also have additional functions. These include, for example, a self-opening mechanism, a bidet mixer and an additional children's flap.

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