It often seems to us that it is not bathroom furniture, but ceramics that give the interior its characteristic look. All these elements are of course important, because every detail creates the interior of the bathroom in its own way. How to use only furniture and accessories to completely change the look of a room?

Basic bathroom equipment

Let's say we have one base on which to base both arrangements. So let's start with the standard - bright walls, white ceramics. Let's focus on popular solutions, i.e. a small rectangular bathtub and optionally a shower with a semi-circular cabin. The universal washbasin will also not stand out in this interior, and the whole will be complemented by a standing toilet. We have opted for these solutions because they are often chosen by customers and will not overshadow any of the elements we add. Which style will we choose first?

Modern, minimalist bathroom

With such a base, it is very easy to create an interior that is simple and bright. Small rooms in particular will benefit from this because they will appear to be optically larger. If we also invest in white furniture, we will get a really big space. Anyone who enters such a bathroom will immediately notice cleanliness, order and order. Therefore, a simple wash basin cabinet will fit perfectly, as well as hanging bathroom cabinets with a mirror, which will help you to enlarge the interior even more visually.

If we also complete the side cabinets, the whole set will be a really great complement to the interior. Depending on how much storage space you need, you can choose a low or high cabinet. Remember that every solution has its advantages and disadvantages. If you choose a tall cabinet, the entire room will be optically higher. On the other hand, however, you can put something on the low cabinet. Bathroom in a minimalist style, however, should not be too cluttered, so every additional element in it must be thought through.

It's worth adding a few extras to make the interior look like it was before. If we care about a simple, modern, but quite raw look, copper accessories, which are recently extremely fashionable in interiors, will work perfectly. Copper dispensers, mask bowls, samples and miniature cosmetics, containers for cotton balls and even a smaller mirror in a copper frame - there are a lot of options. If you buy a copper trashcan and a toilet brush for this, you have a coherent, modern and original interior. Of course, copper can be easily replaced by any other material you like.

Rustic bathroom

Having the same base as in the previous case, there is no problem to create a completely different interior, e.g. rustic. Why did we choose this style? It stands in a clear opposition to the cool, minimalist decor, referring in its aesthetics to natural elements. Plant motifs, the use of wood, bolder use of additives - there is no need to limit ones expression here. Let's start with the furniture, though. What to choose if you want to create a rustic bathroom in your home?

In this case, you can place your bet on a wooden bathroom cabinet or only with wooden elements. Even if you have white walls and you think that in combination with light ceramics everything is just cold, try to insulate it with furniture. Each, even the coldest interior, will gain a completely new look with such cabinets.

What additives should I invest in if we want to create a unique atmosphere in our interior? Furniture alone isn't everything. If you have enough space in your bathroom or have a window in it, a vase with delicate flowers will look beautiful. If you want everything to be as consistent as possible, you should also choose dispensers and components for small hygiene items in the same wood colour. For the braver ones we recommend experimenting with materials, e.g. adding wicker accessories instead of wooden cups. No matter which style you choose, remember that it's the details that make up the interior.

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