You bought a beautiful sheet that matched your bedroom, but it turned out to be too small? Or maybe it rolls up when you sleep, or worse, it makes you hot? Many purchases, especially those related to interior design, are made without thinking and under the influence of impulse. We are guided by aesthetics, but we forget about comfort, and the one in the bed is essential. It is a pity to throw money down the drain, while just pay attention to a few details that will make you happy with your purchase. How do I fit a sheet into my bed?

Usually we pay more attention to the pillow and duvet, and forget about the sheet. It is rarely sold in a set with pillowcases, so when we choose the most beautiful pattern and material, we usually don't have enough time for a sheet. And it is worth sacrificing it, because while we choose a duvet and pillows for our comfort, the sheet still has a protective function for a mattress, often very expensive. So what should we pay attention to when choosing a sheet?


It seems easy, especially when you know the dimensions of a mattress. However, in addition to its length and width, we should also take into account its height. Most sheets have an extra tab on the mattress, so we can put them into the frame and protect them from rolling up. However, it is worth measuring a sheet in a shop, because the manufacturers approach this issue differently, and the sheet "on contact" may turn out to be simply too small. If you don't have a measure with you, it's safer to buy a sheet that is larger than the size of a mattress - e.g. for a mattress measuring 140x200 let's choose a sheet measuring 160x200. We can always put a possible lead in a frame. This solution is also suitable for mattresses with a thickness greater than the standard 10-15 cm.


Nice sheet, but at night you feel like you're lying on aluminum foil? The choice of bedding material can be compared to buying underwear, which we select with great precision. By far the most popular are sheets made of cotton and its derivatives. Natural materials ensure excellent circulation and do not cause excessive sweating in the wearer. We have a choice of cotton sheets, which perfectly remove moisture, but their disadvantage is their low elasticity. Jersey sheets are definitely better stretchable, as they provide excellent heat insulation. In addition, they are very durable and resistant to washing. Frosty people should choose a terry cloth whose structure guarantees warmth. These sheets are particularly suitable for autumn and winter. They are also very absorbent and pleasant to the touch. If you are looking for something more elegant, it is best to bet on satin. It is delicate but very durable and looks great in ethereal bedrooms.

3.Traditional or on a rubber band

The Polish women went crazy about the sheets on the rubber band. The strong grip of the sheet ensures that it won't roll up. However, inappropriate size will be a much bigger problem than in a traditional sheet. Too small will fall and too big will fold. In the case of sheets with an elastic band, we also have a limited choice of material. Jersey sheets with a rubber band are the most common. It is also embarrassing to put on a sheet like this. A large bed requires at least two people. It is not easy to assemble them, but their practicality wins over these disadvantages.

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