Interior decoration in modern design literally gives more freedom than any other style. Modernity can be raw, it can be warm, it can be a clever combination of what is new and what is old. But above all, it is surprising and responds to the needs of today's lifestyle. Such interiors require custom wall decorations to complete the styling of the room and make it a cherry on the cake.

What unusual decorations are worth betting on?

Unusual wall designs that conquer the hearts of decorators and customers include wall stickers and posters. One of the many advantages of wall stickers is an application that does not require nailing or hooking and destroying the wall surface in any way. A wall sticker from a good store can take the shape of its own design - so it becomes even more unusual decoration, which can be fantasiously woven into the space and interestingly composed with the furniture. Posters on the wall, on the other hand, experience their rebirth in living quarters and are no longer associated mainly with information posters as they used to be. They are valued to such an extent that most people decide to hang them in a frame - to protect the paper from dust, creases and allow better presentation of selected graphics.

Where to find unusual patterns on the wall

Where there are posters and wall stickers, there are patterns. You can start with the nearest building and decoration store. However, it will be much easier and faster to find the right store in the chain. The right one is one that offers wall patterns according to your preferences. For example, is a website whose entire activity and sales is based on cooperation with young artists. Artiglo offers everyday objects and interior design elements with artistic, handcrafted graphics. You will find there wall posters that are nowhere else to be found - with patterns referring to folk traditions, contemporary art, pop-art or today's culture.

What to pay attention to when buying wall designs

When you find the perfect design that fits like a glove, it's easy to forget about an important aspect - the quality of the product. The wall poster must be of appropriate weight (at least 200 grams per square metre) and printed using a technique that ensures faithful colour reproduction and durability. Choose your custom decoration from a shop that describes exactly how they are decorated and what materials they are made of, this certainly inspires confidence. When buying a wall sticker, pay attention to the way it is applied - it is not difficult, just stick the foil on the surface of the wall, but without the proper transport paper, which should be supplied by the seller together with the sticker, it can bend and destroy during this process. So read the product descriptions carefully and check before you choose whether your new wall decoration will be not only an elegant decoration, but also a durable element of the interior.

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