More and more people attach great importance to bathroom design. Whether it's a small space, as often as possible in blocks of flats, or a larger space, residents want it to be a special place in their home space. It is also possible to arrange a beautiful and modern bathroom with a small footprint.

Having a small bathroom we often look with envy at the beautiful arrangements of large, spacious rooms of this type. However, a stylish and modern bathroom can also be designed in a small space.

Colour enlarges the space

Example of bathroom arrangementWhen designing a small bathroom, it is worth paying attention to the color. It is best to choose light colours, e.g. white or pastel shade. These colours will make our bathroom look bigger and more spacious. In a small space, it is better to avoid coloured tiles and place them on smooth surfaces that reflect light effectively.

The small size of the bathroom requires compromises, especially when it comes to choosing a place to bathe. We can use a shower tray with a shower or a small, preferably corner bath, which will allow you to find more free space. Another solution is a small bathtub with a modern shower head shower combined with a battery.

Light in a modern bathroom

In a small bathroom, it is important to have adequate lighting, which, if properly planned, can further increase the space. In most bathrooms you need at least two types of dawn: upper and spotlight, located at the mirror. In larger spaces, LEDs are often added to the bathtub or shower.

The ceiling-mounted lighting provides general lighting for the entire bathroom area. Spotlights, on the other hand, often support the person standing directly in front of the mirror. As the upper light in the bathroom we can use surface-mounted luminaires, recessed in the ceiling so called eyes, as well as LED strips.

A bathroom mirror with lighting also gives a lot of space. If you decide to illuminate the mirror, you can use a directional wall lamp or LED tape in this place. To illuminate the mirror we should use warm white light, close to daylight, i.e. 2800 - 3000 K. Modern bathrooms dominated by white and cool colours also require cooler lighting in daytime colour, 5000-6500 K or 4000-5000 K. On the other hand, classic spaces with warm colours need softer and more diffused light, i.e. 2700-3500 K.

When installing lighting in the bathroom, make sure that each light source has a separate switch. This will increase the comfort of use, is a cost-effective solution and at the same time very convenient for the household members.


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