You're in the scales and there's the trick. Two pounds more. If you can't deceive a scale, you can at least admire its appearance. After all, weighing on a nice scale is a pleasure. All the more so when you're notorious for having too heavy a towel. Modern bathroom scales are not only useful devices, but also a way to enrich the bathroom with something designer.

The weight will upset you anyway, so at least buy a pretty one.

I think everyone remembers those old, clumsy mechanical scales from years ago. Their weight was at least a few kilograms, the small letters were covered effectively by a pointer, and after each weighing the weight had to be scaled. Otherwise, she cheated even more than usual. Exactly, the weighing itself was very inaccurate, because many times in the morning it clearly indicated 70 kg, and in the evening already 73 kg. Luckily, in people's consciousness there have been changes and now everyone wants to be a fit. Everyone wants to be beautiful, surrounded by nice things, so the manufacturers also follow the blow and offer us stylish bathroom scales. So that everyone can be satisfied and skinny and those with heavier towels.

There is no shortage of transparent glass, aluminium, floral motifs or natural images on the market today. All in order to make weighing more pleasant and to treat the scale as an element of everyday life. As something nice that you shouldn't be afraid of, on the contrary - something worth jumping on as often as possible.

The most interesting bathroom scales

  • Styled after previous eras - for fans of retro style, manufacturers have prepared clock scales with an old-fashioned design. They are recommended for doctors, but they also work well in the home of ordinary Kowalski, who has nothing to do with medicine. These scales usually have steel bodies and a manually adjustable clock. Such a scale is an ideal choice for people who do not like gadgets, but like the traditional approach.
  • Transparent scales - they look beautiful in modern interiors and can be an integral part of their design. Transparent glass scales are usually one sheet of transparent material, four feet and an LCD display. The scales are available in both natural, transparent-white and coloured colours. In case the bathroom is dominated by a colour, under which we would like to buy a scale. Scales are manufactured in both square and circular shapes.
  • Printed scales - thanks to their weight you can feel an unusual atmosphere in your bathroom. Bathroom scale can be printed with a drawing of a beach with shells, a photograph of city lights or a floral motif. Choice of colours. Scales with oriental motifs, reminiscent of SPA equipment or collages of various paintings are also very popular. You will also find scales with funny pictures and fairy tale motifs.
  • Scales with motivating inscriptions - the manufacturers also anticipated the psychological consequences of weighing and designed scales with motto-lifting and motivating quotes. Before entering the scale your eyes will see a text that will motivate you to take care of yourself. It will be nice to start the day with a look at such an inspiring message. Especially when you want the weight to show less weight.
  • Geometric patterns on scales - a new trend that fits perfectly into modern interior design of flats. Bathroom scale with geometric patterns can be a perfect decoration. Especially if you place it on the floor in a uniform shade. Strips, squares, rectangles, diamonds - weight can have any finish.

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