Decorating your own home is a big challenge, which requires making many well thought-out decisions. Buying furniture, deciding on the color of the walls or the type of tiles are the choices that will remain for many years to come.

Bathroom design in particular can be demanding because it is a room that is furnished once every few years. As a result, many people decide to opt for classic solutions, without succumbing to the influence of momentary fashion. At the same time, the timeless white and black that dominate the interior interact with various colour accents in the form of accessories. In this way you can add a little bit of character to the room, although not always this effect is desirable, because the classic solutions are as original as the more avant-garde ideas.

Modern, timeless and stylish, i.e. in white and black

The white bathroom unit is a very good solution for small rooms. The dominant bright colour combined with appropriate lighting is a way to optically enlarge the interior. In addition, it is worth to opt for large mirrors, which will reflect the room, making it even more spacious. However, the use of white as the main colour motif is not only a good solution for small spaces - it is also an example of timeless style, which is characterized by minimalism, simplicity and elegance. The bathrooms arranged in this way are modern and fit into futuristic interiors, but they can also be adapted to more classic flats. In the first case, white high-gloss furniture, which has been in constant demand for several seasons, design bathroom ceramics, such as round or square washbasins and toilet bowls, large, glossy tiles in light tones, frameless mirrors and crystal lighting, are the perfect choice. All this will make your bathroom not seem monotonous, but elegant, spacious and modern. However, if you want to achieve a rustic interior or an extremely fashionable Scandinavian style, you should opt for white tiles on the walls, which imitate brick, mirrors in decorated frames and textile accessories.

Just like white, black adds clarity, elegance and minimalist character to the interior. It is worth remembering, however, that the incompetent use of black in a small bathroom will optically reduce it, so in some cases the best idea is to use this color in the form of accessories, which will be a strong and expressive accent. On the other hand, an interesting and original solution for a large room is a total-look bathroom arrangement, i.e. in whole or in most cases in black. In this situation, it is worth deciding on bold ideas, such as black bathroom ceramics, tiles in this color, and even wall paint. In order to avoid the dark character, it is enough to take care of proper lighting and large mirrors in which light will reflect.

Classic with a little bit of colour

For those who fear that a white or black bathroom will be too monotonous, the best solution is to use different colour accents. The most popular way to liven up your interior with colours is to opt for one colour, but in a few shades. This will allow you to add the character of the interior, which at the same time will still be maintained in a minimalist and modern style. To break the classic white and black in the bathroom, energetic colours such as orange or red are the best. Thanks to them, the room will not only become expressive, but also warmer.

In addition to the traditional color solution using one leading color is to go one step further and introduce several different colors that may not fit together at first glance. In this way, an original and joyful interior will be created, which, however, will still be subdued by calm white or black. Multicoloured bathroom accessories may include towels, shower curtains, rugs and containers for storing cosmetics and toiletries.

Golden accessories are one more colour solution, which works well with classic white and black. Old gold will add elegance and emphasize the Baroque interior, while glittering gildings in the form of decorative frames of mirrors, wall lamps and fittings will create a unique glamorous style in every bathroom.

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