Since Polish vinatage furniture and accessories have become synonymous with good taste, objects with a soul (not only irons!) have been gaining more and more enthusiasts by storm. Immerse yourself in the world of beautiful patterns and unusual shapes. Be inspired by post-war design and have fun combining the old with the new. See how to get started and where to look for original items.

Vintage objects are back in favor.

More and more people realize that the old one is beautiful and looks favourably at objects from the last century. As a result of many years of work and commitment of experts, sellers, educators and cultural institutions, the design of the 1950s, 1960s and 70s is no longer associated with dusty auntie's furniture. Museums organize exhibitions to praise the post-war designs, create numerous services, whose inspiring assortment delights the greatest skeptics. Poles once again appreciate the lightness and unpretentious style of domestic furniture and the extraordinary possibilities that create a combination of modern elements of interior design with those in vintage style.

Recognition of good design

If a patina has stolen your heart and you would like to get involved in collecting unique vintage items, you will certainly find the right publications and interviews with experts and collectors to help you. A good start will be the resources of the Institute of Industrial Design, whose extensive library gathers a lot of catalogues and books describing valuable projects. The IWP shall also offer access to its online collections. Web portals dedicated to architecture and art can be another source of knowledge. It is also worth seeing furniture and objects from reliable sources, one of them is the aforementioned portal Patina, which brings together collectors from all over Poland and offers only unique gems. Each product has a description with a place and date of origin, but designers are not always easy to identify. However, don't forget about the most important aspect of buying interior design accessories - you must like them, so it's not worth suggesting only the origin or designer. If you see a real soul in a selected object, this is enough to start a vintage adventure.

Where to buy vintage accessories

Before you buy, visit your grandmother. Visit your aunt. Check the attic. Often, the real gems of Polish design stand in a corner and wait for the rebirth. A good upholstery or carpenter can bring back life even to objects in a very heavy condition. Another point on the map of vintage seekers are bazaars, antique shops and commissions. You'll also find plenty of opportunities online.

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