A child's needs in terms of room furnishings are constantly changing - also in terms of lighting. For a four-year-old child the key will be a night lamp at the bedside, for a second-class student - a desk lamp at which he or she will be able to do his or her first homework. As parents, however, we would like to be immediately prepared for all eventualities, so that the lighting is both consistent in terms of aesthetics and functionality. So today we're telling you - what kind of lighting for a children's room to choose so that it will last for years?

Children's lamps - to choose from, to colour

By furnishing a children's room we want to please our children - so we make sure that the climate in this room is magical and fairy tale, often succumbing to the temptation to buy fancy accessories. When choosing lighting, however, it is worth to give yourself a moment to think about and look at them also in terms of consistency with the whole of the decor.

Infant room lamp

The first months of life are most often spent in the bedroom of a mother and father. In order to be able to teach them from the very beginning that night is used for sleeping, and at the same time not to wake up the other parent, it is worth to prepare a delicate lamp, which will be lit in case of need to get up to the toddler after dark.

When your child is asleep in his or her own room, it is also worth taking care of several different light sources. Lighting in the first independent interior of the child should be not only a ceiling lamp, but also a wall lamp or night lamp, which parents will be able to turn on at night when the child wakes up and calls them to himself. LED tapes will also work well here - their delicate light at shelves and cabinets certainly will not awaken a sleepy child, as much as a much stronger light lamp on the ceiling.

Kids' night-light needed?

Basically, children can be considered as not needing a bedside lamp until they start reading on their own. However, it is worth to think about lighting for parents, in front of whom there is a perspective of evenings spent in fairy tales and many hours of falling asleep. Using a night lamp from an early age we will show your child that he or she should take care of his or her eyesight.

The advantages of a night lamp by the bed will also be appreciated when a few years old will be struggling with the fear of darkness. Leave one bulb switched on at the bedside is certainly more economical than switching on a few at the ceiling. What's more, the bedside lamp can also be used as a desk light.

Lighting led to the children's room

LED lighting has become very popular in recent years. Not only because it allows you to save money on your electricity bills - it is definitely worth noting that it has also become very fashionable. Anyone who knows how to illuminate led lights will certainly notice the difference between traditional fluorescent lamps and this type of bulb.

Why do we recommend LED bulbs for the children's room? First of all, because they can shine much longer without increasing the electricity bill. We will appreciate it especially when the toddler wants the light switched on for the time of falling asleep. It also happens that a child is afraid of the darkness to such an extent that it does not want the lamp to be switched off at all. Then the bulbs will surely pass the exam best. In addition, they do not emit unnecessary heat and remain cool, so we don't have to worry that when a child touches a lamp, he or she will burn his or her hand.

Choosing lamps for a children's room can be a challenge, but it is worthwhile to think about this decision carefully - it is possible that these lamps will serve children throughout their education in primary school.

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