If you have a home garden or garden, it is worth to arrange it, because it is an undoubted decoration of our area. Establishing a garden is associated with costs, which are often quite high, although a few ideas are enough and can be arranged almost for a penny. Of course, you should have an interesting idea and choose the right flowers, because no garden will be beautiful and tasteful if there are no flowers planted in it.

What should be in our garden?

Garden is all about flowers and vegetation, of course many people think that planting flowers or plants can cause problems, but in fact it is not at all difficult and you do not even need to use the advice of qualified gardeners. Classic wooden or rattan furniture will work instead of designer furniture, but the biggest decoration of our garden will be flowers. In both stationary and online shops you can find a range of artificial flowers that are advertised as absolute must have, for people who do not have time to plant and care. Many growers praise plastic flowers, claiming that they look like real flowers and do not differ in any way. Which is absolutely a lie. At first glance you can see the difference, not to mention the beautiful smell of real flowers, also no artificial material is able to reproduce such a rich color scheme, so if you want to have a wonderful and colorful garden must necessarily choose real plants.

What should I pay attention to when choosing flowers for my garden?

When planning the planting of any plants, the conditions and the type of soil must be taken into account. Improving it can be very expensive and therefore you should choose flowers that will work in more difficult and less favourable conditions. Adequate fertiliser is also required. Of course, you can save money and use compost. It is therefore worthwhile to set up your own composter here. All you have to do is use the leaves. So instead of throwing them away, you can rake them and put them in perforated bags. Now all that remains is to store them all winter long and ready. In this simple way you can have your own fertilizer very quickly and cheaply.

Square flower pot

Which plants should I choose for my garden?

Of course, it all depends on our preferences, taste and skills. As we know, the type of soil and weather conditions are also very important. A good choice are perennial flowers, i.e. perennials. Their unquestionable advantage is their relative durability, because properly protected and cared for they will last in the garden even a few years, and at least two years. They are available online as well as in nurseries and garden shops. Here, too, it is necessary to select perennials that will feel good in the soil that we have in our garden. It is also important to have access to sun and shade, as well as partial shade, which means that sunshine occurs for 6 hours. In general, perennials prefer fertile and moist soils, which of course does not mean that you can't find flowers that feel comfortable in dry soil.

How to plant perennials?

If you do not have any special experience, it is worthwhile to make a planting plan first. This will allow us to avoid mistakes like exaggeration. It also saves time. Of course, you should also opt for more perennials, but it shouldn't exceed 9 different perennials. Flowers can be planted at almost any time of year, of course winter should be omitted, because then the soil is frozen and the seeds can simply not be accepted. Most often, however, they are planted in spring, because it brings the greatest effects. Of course, they can also be planted in summer, but then they are exposed to rapid wilting and must be watered, but not late and must be watered regularly, otherwise the plant will not take root or wilt. Autumn is also a good time to plant perennials, but here it is necessary to stop planting a month before the planned frost. When planting flowers, keep spacing, remember to add compost and mineral fertilizers, and the seeds must be sprinkled with fertile soil. It is also necessary to prepare the substrate. It is necessary to remove weeds, stones and other elements.

a flower bed

Long-term flowers - beautiful and resistant

There are many flowers that are many years old. Of course, here you should pay attention to whether you can cope with their planting, as well as their care. If you are a beginner you should choose perennials that are easy to drive. It's worth deciding on irises. They have a beautiful color, it's a vivid color of yellow. This variety is cold hardy. They also do not require special protection in winter and do not need to be covered. Irises like wetlands, so they can be planted even near ponds. When there is a lot of sunshine, their flowers are more intense, while in partial shade they bloom much longer. The Lilac Pink Mother of God is also a good choice. The aroma and aroma that emits are reminiscent of thyme. It has unlignified shoots and can be used to replace grass, creating a beautiful violet garden.
You can also choose catnip faassena, which is resistant to drought and therefore easy to grow. Its undoubted advantage after its appearance is that it scares away mosquitoes and flies and it blooms for a very long time.

If you prefer originality, you can choose Tritoma Gray, which is also called a flaming torch. It can reach a height of up to 160 cm. It is perfect for planting on lawns as well as in a group of plants. This perennial likes a sunny position. It must be secured properly in winter. The best choice for this is dry leaves and peat. Rudbekia hairy is also very impressive. Not only does it bloom for a long time, but it is also distinguished by its beautiful colouring. It has lanceolate leaves and dark red flowers. It is worth noting here that it is also very easy to grow and does not require any special conditions. It grows well in both sunny and semi-shaded positions. You don't have to water it very often either. The Purple Long-tailed Eggplant, which is also easy to grow, will also be a perfect decoration of the garden. In turn it requires fertile and moist soil. It is worth planting in autumn and it blooms in summer next summer. A spotted orchard also fits into a small garden. It has a very long flowering time, because from July to September. The flowers are pink. However, it requires a very fertile soil in the alkaline reaction.


If the soil in your garden is not of the best quality, and fertilization involves a lot of expense and extra work, you can always opt for a dotted carnation. It has tiny red flowers. Its flowering time is from June to October. It is a completely frost-free plant and does not require any special soil. It is enough to plant it in a very sunny place.

So if you want to have a beautiful garden, you should not necessarily choose expensive furniture, but rather invest in plants. They are not expensive. Perennials that are many years old will work. If you do not have experience, it is best to choose plants that are easy to cultivate and do not require very fertile soil.

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