The basic set of tools is worth having even before moving into your house or apartment, otherwise we will run to the store, before we even properly sit down in the new armchair. The home furnishings of a workshop do not have to be rich at all, but they have to be sufficient for minor repairs and renovations.

It is important to target the right price shelf. The cheapest solutions are inconvenient and very easy to spoil. An amateur can't do anything about them. Solutions for professionals are of course incomparably better, but for a home workshop they are usually unnecessary and incomparably more expensive. If you want to make sure that you will have a good tool, you should take it in your hand and check its balance and whether all metal parts are smooth, free from defects. In the shop, we must not get carried away by emotions. Many things look exciting, but we really only need a few of them. At least for a start.

I. Nymbus keys

Special L-shaped keys with hexagonal cross section. The most common household applications for these keys are twisting furniture and repairing bicycles. Usually you buy the whole set in different sizes right away. When buying furniture for self-assembly you will usually get appropriate nimbus keys, but these are low quality keys, and decent keys to the house you will buy for 30 zlotys (the whole set).

II. Adjustable key

Multi-purpose wrench for handling screws of different sizes. French, English, Swedish and Swedish keys are available. An English wrench with a worm gear is usually the most popular at home. The purchase of a large and a small version will guarantee that we will be able to handle everything. Swedish keys and frogs are pipe keys. We will buy the simplest and most sufficient adjustable keys for a dozen or so zlotys.

III. Combination machines

One of the most versatile household tools, often referred to as universal pliers. They can be used to loosen and tighten screws, remove nails, remove electrical insulation and perform other tasks. The cheapest models cost a few zlotys, but solid proposals with insulation and ergonomic handle will be bought for a dozen or so zlotys.

Tools for everyday use

IV. Measure

It's a classic meter. We will measure with it all necessary dimensions for any job. Steel measures with the same automatic locks and plastic housing are best. A typical household measure is from 2 to 5 meters, and we will buy it for a few zlotys, although it is worth spending at least 10.

V. Hammer

For nailing, but also for other things. A steel hammer will be the best for nails, and a rubber hammer, the so-called "punch", will be the best for hammering furniture. It is worth choosing a typical steel hammer with a weight of 300-500 grams with plastic handles covered with ergonomic rubber. The weight and characteristics of the hammer must be chosen according to your needs and abilities. A typical hammer costs about 20 zlotys.

VI. Bookbinding knife

A simple knife with retractable blades for cutting cardboard, wallpaper and all similar tasks. The cheapest option costs a few zlotys.

VII. Level

A device for even positioning of furniture, even cutting and smoothing out all kinds of work. Classic models with water and air cost a few zlotys, and for a dozen or so zlotys we will buy laser devices. It is a good idea to choose a device that displays both vertical and horizontal at the same time.

EIGHTH. Toolboxes

If you already have a basic set of tools, you will want to buy more different screws and bolts, and together this will require a toolbox. We will pay for it a dozen or so zlotys.

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