A spacious wardrobe is one of the most important furniture in our house. A wardrobe is used not only to store clothes, but also many other things that are not usually found in the apartment a better place than a shelf or wardrobe recess. In recent years, we have been particularly eager to buy custom-made wardrobes, which are so popular because they bring with them many interesting possibilities and functional solutions, both in terms of interior space and interesting external design.

Adapting furniture to your needs

A huge value of a well-made and designed wardrobe is its ability to adapt to the individual needs of the customer. A wardrobe is a capacious piece of furniture that can accommodate everything from clothes and underwear to vacuum cleaner and other household appliances. Various passions or life habits and needs cause that each of us needs a slightly different arrangement of the wardrobe interior and additional space for items. Traditional, ready-made furniture does not give the possibility of a perfect interior arrangement. Furniture to measure allows you to create a piece of furniture that is really functional for us, and above all fits perfectly into the room.

Space saving

Functional furniture is a piece of furniture that helps to save valuable space in the apartment. A customized wardrobe gives you the opportunity to build a recess, for example, to which it would be very difficult for us to fit a ready-made wardrobe. We can also give up the space requirements of traditional swing doors and instead choose a folding or sliding door that takes up much less space. This type of solution is becoming more and more popular. Sliding door cabinets not only take up much less space, but also look great.



Originality and uniqueness

Custom wardrobes are also a very interesting design, which can be easily matched to other furniture in the room and the general decor of the house. A wardrobe is a large and massive piece of furniture, so its appearance is important and to a large extent gives the character of the space in which it is located. Therefore, when designing a room with a wardrobe, it is worth choosing its color, size or material. Then we are sure that the interior will be a harmoniously coherent whole.


High quality of workmanship

Deciding on a wardrobe it is worth choosing trusted manufacturers, whose furniture is made of high quality materials and attention to detail. The Komandor wardrobes, which I mentioned above, are very popular. They are characterized by an extremely interesting design, a combination of modernity with exceptional functionality and a wide range of design possibilities. Customized wardrobes are made of more durable materials than ready-made wardrobes from the market, so they will last longer. They're also much more solid and can handle more than a regular wardrobe.

However, when deciding on a wardrobe to measure, it is worthwhile to take a moment to consider what we actually want to hide in such a wardrobe, how many and how much space we need for this and what arrangement of shelves or cabinets is most suitable for us. If we additionally think about the appearance of such a wardrobe, we have a good chance that in our house there will be a piece of furniture with the highest level of functionality and designed for a specific interior.

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