All types of vintage furnishings are really ideal additions to the bedroom, which in combination with a slightly more modern style are able to create a completely unique room in an original arrangement. Every piece of furniture that represents a dominant style even in the past can gain a second life in our bedroom. Regardless of whether it is an armchair from the difficult times of the People's Republic of Poland, a chest of grandmother's trunk or a wardrobe straight from the art deco era, we can create a wonderful room that will delight with its uniqueness - it is enough to add only a note of modern solutions.

Vintage styleAlways a fashionable classic

If you have the opportunity to place furniture that has a long history in your bedroom, there is nothing to think about! It is worth to concentrate on finding these biggest rarities from subsequent periods of history, such as armchairs of "shells", which were hitting the end of 60s, Chesterfield sofas, or tables modelled on the design of famous Isamu Noguchi. In order for a vintage bedroom to be really successful, we need to know how to combine different styles. Therefore, the arrangements combining elements of art deco with Bauhaus, or retro furniture with industrial accessories look great. Nowadays, you don't even have to look for exceptional vintage furniture for a long time, because many modern products are styled to be slightly older.

Strength of the additives

If you want to arrange a room in the style of vintage we must remember not to make it turn into a kind of museum. It is worth to modernize such furniture, for example by upholstering it with patterned material or repainting it into intensive colours. Such an unusual approach to furniture with the past is a true vintage style. It is also worth betting on completely untypical solutions, such as creating a table from old suitcases or converting a massive radio into a practical cabinet. A large mirror with a massive frame will therefore also work well in a modern arrangement, right above the modernist toilet. Bedroom lighting in vintage style Bedroom must give us peace after a hard day, and one of the most important elements that can create such a climate is good lighting. In the case of vintage style bedrooms, it is therefore worth betting on such solutions as lamps with round lampshades in the Topan model type, or lamps based on the well-known Golden Bell design. If you prefer to have some standing lamps in your bedroom, you may want to pay attention to the Arco pattern dating back to the 60s, or old fishing lamps and olive lamps.

Glass and ceramic elements

Polish ceramics enjoyed real triumphs in the 1950s and 1960s, so why not take advantage of this heritage? Impressive New Look style ceramics, produced in factories in Ćmielów, Jaworzno Śląski, Wałbrzych and Włocławek, can be a perfect addition to the arrangement of our bedroom. The products covered with geometric forms, i.e. the so-called picassoes, as well as glass figurines, vases, plateaus and classic crystal ashtrays, look fantastic.

Colours and patternsGeometric formulae

The perfect combination of vintage style and subdued colours with strong geometric patterns will give the room its character and make everything fit together perfectly. Very characteristic for this style is also the combination of black and white, but also the use of colors such as old gold, beige or brown. In case you decide on monochromatic walls, you can afford strong and multicoloured additions. Colours such as red, mustard, blue and green will work well in this case.

Vintage is a style that effectively resists time and constantly changing trends in interior design. The characteristic design is timeless and perfectly harmonizes with modern solutions. This style will undoubtedly appeal to everyone who appreciates the beauty of old and very special furniture.

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