A living room is a very important room in every house. In fact, it belongs to all the members of the household, who often spend time together in it, and is also a place where we welcome our guests. It is not surprising, therefore, that many people are already struggling to decide which room will play this role and how it should be designed. It would be nice to rest in it, but it would also look great.

The concept of a well-designed living room is constantly being modified, thanks to which we can experiment with this type of interior more and more boldly. The patterns we know so far are not as rigid as they were a dozen or so years ago, which makes contemporary projects much more interesting and often very original. Brave people are no longer afraid to join together seemingly incompatible elements, which in effect create an unusual and completely unique whole. We may need to work hard on this, but the end result is undoubtedly worth our effort. So what should we remember to make the living room in our house equally impressive? Here are a few rules to follow in this case.

Living room - a place for every household member

As mentioned above, the living room has two basic and very important functions, namely a place for the family and a representative role for the whole house. It must therefore contain something that will satisfy almost everyone. Above all, it is important to ensure that there is a seating area in the living room for all family members who would like to relax after a day at school or at work. As the living room is a family place, everyone should be able to comfortably settle down and watch their favourite TV show with the rest of the household, listen to music or spend time together on a regular conversation.

In addition, if there are small children in the family, it is also worth to find a place for a small corner for the toddler, where we will gather his toys. When designing a living room, we should remember, however, that this is not only a place for the household members, but also for the friends of the house or members of the extended family. Let's make sure that everyone can feel completely at ease, so that the time spent in the living room is a moment of relaxation and gives the opportunity to conduct friendly conversations. This unique room must connect people who will be able to completely cut themselves off from their everyday life, spending time in a pleasant way in a larger group.

Salon - equipmentFunctional living room

In view of the fact that the salon has to meet not only our expectations, but also take into account the guests who will appear in it, there should be various types of equipment in it. When designing the living room, one should remember that it is a place to talk and spend time together, but it also serves as a recreation room, where everyone would like to have fun. So what is the basic element of equipment in every living room? A TV, of course, but not just any TV. It must be large enough, due to the fact that the living room can accommodate more people at the same time. It is therefore important that each of them, regardless of where they sit, can see what is happening on the screen at that moment.

Undoubtedly, such a room as the living room should also have a suitable, the best cozy atmosphere, so that everyone will feel comfortable in it. Therefore, it is worth to put a fireplace in it, which will bring a warm atmosphere not only to the living room itself, but also to the whole house or apartment. The Salon is a meeting place for the whole family, so why not underline the bonds that unite us? This can be done by setting up common photos in the living room. So if you find some space on a shelf, chest of drawers or wall, it's definitely worth it. Of course, in addition to the sofa and almost obligatory armchairs, our living room must also be equipped with a table on which both we and our guests can put a cup of coffee or tea or a plate of cake.

Salon - what dimensions should it have?

As the living room has to accommodate not only all household members, but also all possible guests, its size is quite an important issue to consider. A living room of sufficient size should therefore be at least 20 to 25 square metres in size to ensure the comfort of all its occupants. However, if we have a very large room dedicated to the living room, we should also remember that it must be properly managed. There must not be too many empty spaces in it, which will disturb our sense of comfort. It is worth considering the possibility of connecting the living room with the kitchen. Such a solution will make even a slightly smaller room visually larger and will give more freedom to the household members and guests. Limiting the number of rooms in our home can have a significant impact on how we and our visitors will feel in it.

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