A good climate in your own home is built not only through aesthetic arrangements, pleasant colours and good relations with your family, but also in a more realistic and down-to-earth way - with appliances that take care of the right temperature, ventilation and other issues that make up your home climate.

Thermal comfort in winter

Few things are as important at home as providing warmth in winter. Everyone has different preferences for an ideal room temperature, which is why they are not so easy to meet. In order to ensure proper thermal conditions for yourself and your household in winter, it is worth to plan your heating system well and, if necessary, think about modifying it. In most cases, radical changes and repairs of the installation are not an option (costs are high, it is a very laborious and difficult task), but the heating installation can be supplemented with additional devices that will increase the thermal comfort in our house. Could be:

  • Portable oil radiators - if the rooms are large and the radiators are located at very large distances, it is difficult to talk about thermal comfort. It is very warm right next to the radiator, but the further away, the colder. The idea of supplementing the heating system, without the need to modify it, is to use mobile oil heaters. These are small and clever devices that can be turned on when you need them, moved anywhere and disconnected from the installation when you no longer need them.
  • Inflatable heaters - or so-called "fourproducts". These are devices that will heat up a room very quickly, but this heat will escape quite quickly as soon as we turn off the blowing. These devices dry the air and consume a lot of electricity.
  • Air conditioning set to the heating option - if you have air conditioning, you can set it to the heating option and in winter you can heat the room faster.
  • Mats, blankets and heating pads - if you are one of those people who are still cool, you should consider buying heating accessories (pillows, blankets and even slippers). These are gadgets that will help you warm up quickly (for example, after a winter walk).

Summer cooling

While in winter the domestic climate will benefit a lot from good, even and conscientious heating of rooms, in summer we rather want to cool them down. In stuffy rooms it is not working well, so you should use one of the following solutions in your home:

  • Air conditioning - if only we can afford to equip the house with an air conditioning system, it is worth taking it into account. Portable air conditioners are an alternative, but they are less comfortable to use.
  • Fan or air circulator - good air circulation and a cool fan blow are the factors that make home air and climate much better.

Rapid odour removal

Efficient ventilation is essential, not only in the bathroom, but also in the kitchen. Gravity ventilation often fails because it depends on too many external factors (e.g. wind direction or atmospheric pressure). Gravitational ventilation is a way to ventilate rooms much better, and in the kitchen also the hood. If you haven't decided to install this appliance so far, it's worth making up for it quickly, especially if there are hanging cabinets above the cooker. Steam and fat stain the furniture from underneath, but also contribute to its faster destruction. The hood can be used even in a ready-made kitchen (it is easy to install) and can be used both as an extractor and as a carbon filter filter. The hood allows you to get rid of any fumes on the fly, protects the kitchen against smoke and moisture and, as a result, even the growth of fungi and mould.

Sufficient humidity and cleanliness of the air

If you live in a large city or area where the smog problem is particularly acute, you should also consider buying an air purifier. Its cost is considerable, usually at least several hundred zlotys, but the effect is worth it. Purified air is free not only from carcinogenic dust, but also from allergens, and this is great news for allergy sufferers. If the air in our house is very dry (which is easy to learn from the fact that it dries very quickly in our throat, we have dry conjunctiva and mucous membranes), it is worth to consider the purchase of an air humidifier.

A good climate in your own home is a matter worth taking care of, because it will have a direct impact on our well-being and even on our health. Poorly heated rooms with poor ventilation and dusty air are a source of frustration, bad mood and health problems, and the house should be a safe place. Sometimes a small purchase, like a hood or air humidifier, is enough to change the climate at home for the better and feel much more comfortable.

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